Your Broken Smile

Author: Shadowed Crystal
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

Sometimes, I look upon the night sky
And think of you
Your hair bouncing while you run
As dark as the night
With the stars shining in them.

I still have the stone you gave me
From when we were little.
A lovely polished moonstone
Still shining as bright as the moon.
You were so cute then,
I never knew you would end up like this
Wearing that sapphire ring
The cheerful blue gaze in your eyes now gone.

You came back a year after the fire
With a new shadow dressed in black,
And by then you had lost your smile.

I still love you
I want that smile back
The smile that I haven't seen in over two years.

Sometimes I hold the stone and cry
Cry for you
Cry for your deceased family
Cry for your broken smile.

Where did your younger self go?
Why are you like this
When I always try
Try to make you happy?
I miss the old you
Please come back for me soon
And retore your broken smile.

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