Elements to a story

No matter the length, style, genre or aim of any fiction story, there will always be three crucial elements. These are called sections and there will always be certain rules to them and how they should generally be made up. However, for as long as there has been writing, there has always been rebels who break the general laws of writing and therefore create new effects, different genres and are either successful or the opposite. Here are the basic sections and how they are usually structured.


The start of a story is somewhat the defining moment for any book. Even more so is the opening of said book because that is what hooks any reader.

Generally, the start of a story hints to what is to come (if we read John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, there are hints to the cyclical nature of the story) and introduces the important characters (looking at Darren Shan's Koyosan, we are introduced to the main settings, and the main characters and themes). These let a reader know what they're getting into, and, if the reader doesn't like the first five or ten words, they'll put the book down and go to another.


The middle of the book opens the main body of conflict. Everything will seem to go wrong for our protagonist (or in some cases, the antagonist), and the story gets intense. It is usually in the mid-section of a book where people will complain about not being able to put a book down, but the majority of the book also has to be equally compelling.


The end of a book must be the resolution. The exceptions are always prominent with the ending, because many authors who plan on writing more than one book for a series will not resolve everything. Sometimes, the main plot of the story can be finished in the resolution, but the main characters are suddenly thrown into another conflict. Maybe the main character dies or something like that, but there might be a cliff-hanger. If the author does not intent for another book to be wrote in that series, then the resolution would be clear and our characters would walk away happy, or devastated.

Choosing A Genre

A genre is a catagory of different styles of writing. There are many types, romance, horror, sci-fi, etc.... and can even mix two or more genres together. Take the time to look into different genres and styles of writing, and experiment a little. See which style fits you the best and what styles dont. You can learn alot about different styles, which can help you when you dont know where to start, or in the middle of a writer's block.

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