This series is on hiatus

Author: Bird

Genre: I have no idea.

Okay, first, this series is based off a popular (Really popular) web-comic called Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. I suggest you read it or you'll get confused by this whole series. I will be using some canon characters (The Trolls are included in this, I will also try and keep their personalties up to touch, for people who have read it.) As well as OC's.

Also, about the confusion, I can only explain so much myself, since even I'm confused sometimes from the shenanigans), since there's time shenangins involved, I will try my best to keep it straightforward and precise, but I will garentee you that if you haven't read Homestuck, you will be certainly confused.

Anyways, this is about a group of friends that decide to play a game that brings about the end of Earth, but the only hope of saving it, involved is a choice, a riddle, a war between light and dark, where light must always lose, and frogs (Eheheh).

However, not like our protagonists know this, not yet, they first must escape to the Medium, and the choices they make will affect their success, and may also bring their defeat if they make the wrong choice.

However... The game may never lead to their success.

Set 1

Grim Tidings

Alternate Reality

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