This series is by Maplesilver - Leaves are falling 01:56,1/25/2016. It's about winged wolves with accompanying owls with lion front legs.


War of Shadows

Oncoming War - the war between the vorovy - or crowls, aka crow-owls - of the Mountain and Shadow Packs is beginning! Can Princess Persika of the River Pack escape and raise her newborn sister Princess Vishnya on her own, without her parents, Queen Roza and King Kamen'?

Spy of the Shadow Pack - the River and Moor Packs have begun war with the Shadow and Mountain Packs. The Rivermoor Pack have created strategies to defeat the Shadowmountain Pack, but their opponents may have planted a shpion, or spy, in the Rivermoor Pack, as they're always a step, or flap, ahead of the Rivermoor Pack. As Persika raises Vishnya in a secluded island, a tomboyish Groundowl called Saqr is set on unearthing the Shadowmountain Pack's shpion by herself and her best friend, a juvenile male Skywolf called 'Aqwaa Al'aqwia', 'Aqwaa for short.

Saqr's Peril - at the end of the last book, Saqr and 'Aqwaa had found Persika and Vishnya. As Saqr is hunting on the coast of the Mainlands, the vorovy kidnap her for information. Saqr's life becomes in grave danger. Will the vorovy find out where Persika and Vishnya are? When 'Aqwaa tries to rescue Saqr on his own, will he prevail?

Return of the Spy - when Saqr and 'Aqwaa unearthed the shpion from the many Groundowls and Skywolves of the Rivermoor Pack, they injure him badly. Then the shpion returns - more fearful than ever before with one eye, a crooked wing, a half-bitten off tail, and many scars. Will Saqr and 'Aqwaa be able to keep the shpion away from Persika and Vishnya - long enough for Vishnya finish her princess training?

The Rise of the Dark - the Rivermoor Pack is falling. Queen Roza and King Kamen' have been killed, and Vishnya fears she will fail her final exam during princess training. The threat of the shpion returns, along with a few rogue vorovy. But then Princess Persika, the third youngest of her family, and Princess Vishnya, fourth youngest, return to their home. The vorovy are conquered, and as Persika rises to the rank of queen, she finds the role too occupying...

Peace at Last - Queen Persika gives the rank of queen to her younger sister, Princess Vishnya, and steps down to royal advisor. The former royal advisor, now a backup, tries to execute his plan for vengeance, but all of his traps are only harmless pranks. Vishnya says his pranks are funny and promotes him to comedian. However, there is much to be done before there is true peace at last.

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