Wild Wings

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Status: In Progress
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Wild Wings is a story about a group of feral birds. They are based on birds I have, but this is still fiction. Homage to Erin Hunter, one of my influences.


  • Betty - a hen Peach-faced Lovebird. She is green with a salmon-coloured face and brown eyes. She is aggressive and blunt.
  • Bluey - a cock Budgerigar. He is blue with a white head and yellow-white eyes. He is nippy but soft-spoken.
  • Dexie - a hen Cockatiel. She is grey with white wings, pale yellow head and brown eyes. She is calm and sweet.
  • Sunny aka Sunshine - a hen Cockatiel. She is yellow with cinnamon pearling and bright orange cheeks and brown eyes. She is assertive and intelligent. Serves as a mate for Dexie and then Stormy.
  • Grisi - a hen Dusky-headed Conure. She is mainly green with a grey head and grey eyes.
  • Stormy aka Stormycloud - a hen Cockatiel. She is white with grey pearling and brown eyes. She is missing one of her wings because a tie-in with a hawk. She is shy and retreating. She was mate to Shadow, then Sunny and then Polaris.
  • Shadow aka Shadowfax - a cock Cockatiel. He is dark grey with a white head and wings and brown eyes. He is out-spoken and loves to be heard. Was a mate to Stormy.
  • CJ aka SeaJay - a hen Cockatiel. She resembles her father Shadow, but with a light grey head. She has a similar personality to her father.
  • Cloudy - a hen Cockatiel. She resembles her mother Stormy, but her pearling is cinnamon. She is shy and quiet.
  • Star aka Starry Sky (combined name with Sky) - a hen Budgerigar. She is mostly green with a yellow head and dark wings and yellow eyes. She is shy but can be nippy. She is a mate to Sky.
  • Sky aka Starry Sky (combined name with Star) - a hen Budgerigar. She is mostly blue with a white head and wings and brown eyes. She is a mate to Star. She is aggressive and will nip at the other birds.
  • Polaris - a cock Cockatiel. He is mostly yellow with a dark back and wings and brown eyes. He is aggressive towards other birds but is calm when need be. He eventually becomes a mate to Stormy.
  • Pavo - a peacock. He is mostly brown with a dark greenish-blue neck. Friend to the WW. He is a narcissist and constantly flaunts.
  • Blackcap - a domestic drake. He is mostly white with a black cap and yellow bill and legs. He is protective of his mate Butterscotch and the WW.
  • Butterscotch - a domestic (duck) hen. She is mainly cinnamon brown with dark bill, eyes and legs. She is shy and tends to hide behind Blackcap. She is a friend of the WW.
  • Icewing: a white cat that befriends the WW. The reason is unknown.
  • Cedarfur: a brown tabby cat that befriends the WW. The possible reason is because Icewing doesn't attack them.

On my iPhone. :/ will continue this soon. My laptop should be fixed soon.


A breeze blew in the wind, the birds sensing it. Something wasn't right. “Something's not right,” Stormy stated, hissing.

Something crept around in the grass. Stormy cocked her head, listening. Suddenly, a bright white cat nearly pounced on her, but she managed to squawk. “Help!” Just as the cat was going to kill her, it stopped and started to speak to her calmly; while he spoke, she hopped away.

“Wait, I can understand you?” the cat questioned. “Were you a cat before?”

“What do you mean?” Stormy asked, puffing out her breast. “I’m a bird!” she retorted.

“But you’re my prey. How come I can understand you?” the white cat ignored her.

“Maybe you have to ability to speak to birds,” another cat said while walking up to them. “Maybe this is a sign that you mustn’t kill birds.” The brown tabby padded up to the white cat.

Stormy was shocked. Why would this happen? This was all very strange for her. Why were these cats not attacking her?

She felt this was a way for her to escape. She quietly walked off and flew back to where her flock was.

“There must be an explanation for this,” Shadow stated, narrowing his eyes. “Why would a cat start speaking to you? Did you say anything?”

“No…” Stormy replied. “The cat ignored me. I snuck off.” Embarrassment rose in Stormy’s face.

“A cat?” Betty spoke bluntly. “What the vulture were you thinking? You shouldn’t be talking to the enemy!” Her brown eyes were half-closed.

“Yeah, but it was a mistake!” Stormy retorted, embarrassed. “I’ll see to it that it doesn’t happen again!” she shot back. “Now, I have to find food for the others.” She started flew off. As she was flying, she was thinking about what happened.

Was this cat an ancestor reincarnated? Was I a cat at one point of my life? How could I find about this? I wish I knew who to ask about stuff like this!

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