The Yule ball had indeed came. I was extremely excited, nervous and confused. The day before, Jade Tragic, Heather's Potions partner, had offered to help me and Heather to find dress robes for the Yule Ball. In the end,  Heather went for a pale pink knee high dress, and I picked out a sleeveless emerald long dress (I wore my black combat outfit below XD). Quickly putting on my dress, I rushed out to my dorm door, hoping to catch a glimsp of Draco.

Harry was standing in front of my dorm door, much to my dismay.

"Hey Ives. Nice dress you've got there, I see." I blushed at his words. I actually had a crush on him when he first talked to me, and had never been daring enough to admit it. (Not even to Heather...)

He stretched out his arms and pulled me into a hug. My heart skipped a beat as he put his chin on my forehead. I was calmed instantly and I relaxed into his embrace. Until I spotted Draco. Harry looked at my dress and cocked his head slightly (that's enough for me to swoon...), "You better change. I'll see you for a bit. Just remember, if you feel nervous, take a few breaths and possibly, take a sip of water. It helps me to calm down in front of dates," he winked at me," And I guess it'll be good for you too."

I blushed again. Taking a deep breath, I managed to utter out a shy goodbye and pecked his cheek. I then ran and ran, until I found myself a few arm lengths behind Draco.


I took a deep breath as he turned around. I lost control when I saw him. His usually glittering eyes were dull, and his cheeks had tears stains on them. I tentatively opened my mouth, but he beat me to it.

"You know that I wanted to, do you?"

I was confused. This wasn't what I intended to ask about. "What?!"

Draco sighed, "To ask you out- I mean, to ask you to the ball. Yeah... And now you and Potter are dates, so I guess the parchment trick didn't work ." He paused for a bit, "And I suppose that you won't fall for any more, won't you?"

I shook my head, "No," He sniffed, my courage egging me on, "And even if I did, I won't admit it." I slowly walked away, leaving a teary Draco behind...

0-0-0 (July 1st)

I was sitting in the Slytherin common room and singing to myself when Blaise and Draco came in. Draco's eyes roamed my body and I felt insanely hot. Apparently, he was checking me out. I flinched, avoiding eye contact.

Unfortunately, Draco caught my gaze and stared back. Blaise nodded understandingly and went to his own dorm. I stood up and prepared to go to my dorm when he grabbed my arm and pushed me into the wall.

"You still don't know?" I shook my head and tried to pry him away. But he held me down.

He leaned in until it was too close for comfort. I cried out, feeling the haunting pressure pressing me down. He didn't move, instead touched my cheek tenderly, "You don't know, do you..." I screamed, no longer fearing the pressure inside. I screamed and cried, hoping to catch his attention. Luckily, he let go of me. "You okay? Ives, you're shaking!" When I just stared at him hollow-eyed and letting my tears free, he hugged me, kissing my forehead gently, "I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know that-"

"MALFOY! What did you do to her?!" Harry's voice rang clearly in the common room. How on Earth did he come in?! Oh wait, Xavier's here. That's why... Heather and Xavier rushed in and pointed their wands at Draco. The trio inched forward and formed a circle around us, and I rushed out of Draco's arms and ran to my dorm. I settled down on my bed and laid my head down.

What was he trying to tell me? And why DID he try to help me?

Rule #3: Never love a bully who seems nice.


I pushed my collected thoughts and pried the thought of Malfoy to the back of my head. As I prepared myself for the yule ball, Heather rushed in. "Ivy! Are you okay? Did Malfoy hurt you? Harry said he abused you, and that he'll be seeing stars if he does it again!"

Harry! I froze. That makes so much sense! "Where is Draco? He must be so shaken up." I asked instead, focusing on a random book on my desktop. Heather shook her head and stood up , clearly perplexed that I would care for him after he hurt me.

"He- Blaise is now confronting him in the common room. BUT WHY DO YOU STILL STAND UP FOR HIM, EVEN HE HAS HURT YOU?"

I looked away, ignoring her snort and charmed a makeup spell on myself. "Let's go now. We'll be late." I rushed my way down to the portrait hole, but was blocked by a misty figure. 

Heather stood in front of me, blocking my way and glaring at me. "Answer me now." I sighed. "Look, if I told you that I am crushing on both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, would you accept it?"

The whole common room went quiet. Everyone was staring at me and some even had their mouths hanging wide. Harry stood frozen, and Draco teared up again. I suddenly had an urge to comfort him, but Harry came over and stood in front of me.

"Is that true?" The whole world seemed to stop for a while as I summed up my answer.

"Yes." The air suddenly tasted poisonous as he took my hand. I swallowed. "Draco..."

Draco turned his head around and let me stare into his cold eyes. His deep, husky voice startled me out of my thoughts, "Yes, Foxellic?"

I winced. He now had stood up and came over to me, eyeing me with that deadly venom stare he used to give Harry. His monotone, dull voice had sent shivers down my back and I had to grip onto the table to steady myself. "I'm sorry." I raised my head and looked straight into his eyes as I continued to speak, "I'm sorry for everything I've done, and I know deep down, you love me too. But I simply have a live to go on with, and-and I don't know if I'm ready to let you in yet. But I want to be her in your romance, as much as you want to be him in my story. I'm sorry," I added, already dreading the answer he would give.

To my horror, he simply stood in his original place. I stared shyly, and found love and a hundred other emotions swimming in them. Relief washed through my aching body as I saw him stepping forward. Taking my hand, he swept me into an embrace and we held onto each other, letting the unsaid words sink in slowly. It was then that I noticed that Harry simply did not care enough for my tastes.

Draco let go of me and whispered in my ear, "Would you be my date for the Yule Ball?" I simply responded by kissing him. Out of the corner of my eye, I found Harry turning his back on us. But I could care less. Draco cared for me, and in return, I would care for him. He was a hot-tempered person- Sure, he'd threw hexes at some Griffindors, but I liked his enthusiasm, his tenderness, most importantly, his empathy. He was the one for me.

And that's why I dated Draco Malfoy.

Because we were one.


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