Ivy Foxellic

A/N: YOLO! So this is my first OC x Malfoy fic. And personal anecdotes (sp.)? Yup! So enjoy. I don't have much to say though...



It all started with a damn note.


The sorting hat never intended to sort me into Slytherin. I actually spoke to it. Harry Potter told me that I could do it, as long as I promised not to tell anyone about his adventure. I- Have I even introduced myself?!

(Okay, calm down. You're just a beginner, right?) So... Hi! I'm Ivy Raven Valentina Foxellic. Uh... People usually stick with just "Ivy" or "Foxellic". Except Hermione, Harry and Draco. (Yes. I don't call him "Malfoy". Get over with it.) The three of them are my friends, and I gave them a priority "pass" for my nickname, "Ives".

People actually don't know or reconize me.

Not that I want to be famous and show off like other Slytherins. But I tend to feel a bit more welcoming when I am mobbed by people I don't know fairly. But still, I prefer to be alone.

Seriously! What fun is life when you are the only one unnoticed in the whole school? YOU'RE AN OUTCAST!!!

And I joined Hogwarts at Year 4. NO way no ones NOT going to recognize the "NEW GIRL", aren't they not?


Okay! Back to the story...


So, basically, the note was delivered to me straight at lunch, on my first day. I was sitting at the very end of the table, and poking with my food. My new friends, Heather Brews and Xavier Hoffman were doing their "thing" as always, humming the song "Cooler than me". Draco slid into the seat next to me, smirking. And then, he slid me a crumpled parchment covered with green ink. (To be honest, he sat down and smacked the paper in my face.)

I raised my eyebrows quizically. "What's the matter this time, Draco Malfoy?" Okay. I'll take back my word on name calling.

"Read that later, princess." Draco gave me a small smile and whispered. I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm hard.

He screamed. Like a girl. And the whole Slytherin table were laughing so hardly that the whole table was shaking.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Merlin! Why did you just slap me?"

I smirked evilly, "Come on, Xavier and Heather. We don't want to interfere, don't we?"

"You-you evil, idiotic, foxy new girl! Do you know that it hurts?!" A very fed up Draco Malfoy screeched. Heather gasped and Xavier moved in front of me protectively and grasped my hand tightly. I returned a squeeze, silently reassured myself, then cast a calming spell on myself and retorted, "Did you just made fun of my surname, Draco Lucius Malfoy?!"

All people in the hall stared at our table. Blaise Zabini actually had the nerve to stand up and come over to comfort me. My eyes instantly narrowed, the tears inside my lids urging to fall down any moment. Draco's expression changed when he saw me in a break down mode. He brushed a lock of hair away from my eyes. His silver eyes became stormy and unclear and his reply rang out in the hall, loudly and proudly. "No. But-but... It-it was just a joke, I swear! No harm meant!!!" (Yes. I read eyes. Happy?) The tears in my eyes stung; I had to walk away before I broke down completely. I turned my back to him and swiftly strutted away, shouting "Too late, you're not forgiven!" to the great hall.

Once I got out, I ran for the girls bathroom, locked myself in a stall and cried. Being the "New Girl" and being bullied by your crush is a bad experience.

Rule #1: Do not trust people easily. Especially if they are idiots.



I totally ignored Draco for three months. I also repeatedly got his stupid notes every day.

It was so obvious, even Snape (I tend to ignore formalities...) noticed it and invited me over to discuss. Of course, I was smart enough to tell him that Draco was all behind this. And got him into trouble. Who cares that Draco is Snape's godson! Even if his parents were the rulers of the whole wizarding world, I won't bow to them.

Rule #2: Don't bow to idiots. They're not worth the trouble.


Yule ball came like the cold winter wind. And we were totally unprepared for it. Draco mentioned it in his last note, and I was shocked. (Yes. I started to read his notes when he apologized.He's a great guy, to be honest... ^^) We were supposed to bring a date. How on earth will I find a date?!

Just then, Heather walked in, smiling brightly. I practically had to calm her down. Boy was she hysteric!

Anyways, she was rambling about her date, gushing and blushing and spluttering. I was shocked when she said Xavier Hoffman. He was my first choice. I congratulated her bitterly, adding a snide comment of her and Xavier being the worst couple and left the room, storming. She was shocked and so was I. (I had AMI that time. Couldn't control my feelings and emotions.) When I stopped walking, I found myself standing besides my friend, Harry Potter, near the Great Hall entrance. He hugged me in glee, but then noticed my angry tears. He immediately called for Hermione.

I stopped him harshly, "What would you do if you're hopelessly in love with a bully and they don't like you back? And your best friends have- are dates for the Yule Ball, and-and your alone again?!" Tears immediately sprung down after I finished.

Harry gently hugged me, rocking me from side to side and saying some somehow soothing words. I felt safe in his arms and hugged him back.

"Since I have no date for the Yule Ball, would you want to be my date for the ball, Ives?" I smiled up at Harry, then sweetly kissed his right cheek, making him blush. "Of course! Thanks Harry!" Just then, Draco appeared. He held a parchment in his hand and was gliding towards me. His smirk dropped and he stiffly walked to wards us, his fists shaking with rage. Heather stood at the end of the hallway, looking really surprised and happy. "GO IVY!" shouted a very excited Xavier Hoffman.

Draco tensed. "DoyouhaveadatefortheYuleBall?" He stuttered nevously. Harry stood in front of me and I coolly made a gesture towards Harry. "Him." I coolly stated, "In case you were wondering. Did you also wanted to ask me out? Sorry, but the Fox is taken already." I couldn't help but add another line, "Draco, next time, just knock on my door. It'll be easier." I then kissed Harry on his hand and sauntered of towards my friends, leaving a tomato-red harry and an angry-looking Draco behind.


"You were so cool mate!" Heather exclaimed. "Too true! Look at Draco's face! I caught it on my camera. LOOK!" Xavier showed us a funny picture of Draco Malfoy crying in the boys toilet. We laughed. I smiled half-heartedly, "Wait till you hear who my date is." Xavier practically threw his bookbag at me. "It's the Boy-Who-Lived, right? Harry, Harry Potter?" "COOL! Sorry for upseting you too, Ives!"

I smirked. "Thanks Brews, Hoffman. Now he gets his own medicine!" We all cackled at this statement.

Unfortunately, neither of us heard Draco Malfoy at the door, his sobs echoing the hallway soundly as he listened onto our conversation.


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