When the Sky Explodes

Author: One Of Our Users
Rating: Safe
Status: In Progress
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None


  • Night's Group
    • Night - big black tom with amber eyes
    • Aspen - tawny-colored she-cat with green eyes
    • Greg - ginger tom
    • Fluff - fluffy white she-cat; mother to Greg's kits
      • Cloud - very pale gray (almost white) she-cat
      • Flash - brown and white tabby tom
    • Gray - dark gray tom
    • Leap - pale brown she-cat; pregnant with Gray's kits
    • Mil - small, old, ragged black tabby she-cat
    • Dew - old, grizzled gray tom with white-tipped fur and a torn ear

Chapter One

"The Christmas Star won't wait forever," a tawny-colored she-cat yelled, bounding in front of a group of cats.

"Wait for the rest of us, Aspen, Dew and Mil can't keep up," a big, black tom mewed.

"Okay Night," Aspen mewed as she slowed, peering over her shoulder at the group.

"Thank you Night, sometimes your mate can get too rambunctious," a small, old, ragged, black tabby she-cat, Mil, muttered.

"Yes, but you know that you wish you were young again, and if you were you'd be up there with her," a grizzled gray tom with white-tipped fur, and a torn ear, Dew, mewed.

A ginger tom padding behind thm let out a purr of laughter.

"Oh be quiet Dew, and you too Greg," Mil hissed at Dew and at the ginger tom.

Greg bowed his head to Mil, and fell back to help the last members of the group, Fluff, a fluffy white she-cat, with two small kits, Cloud, a very pale-gray, almost white she-cat, Flash, a brown-and-white tabby tom. Gray, a dark gray tom, and Leap, a pale brown she-cat, pregnant with kits followed.

"There's a stream ahead," Dew rasped, "I've been on this journey many times before, and it's the same every time."

Night nodded, "In that case Greg and Fluff should carry the kits across, Gray, help Leap across, and Aspen and I will help Dew and Mil across."

The cats nodded, and positioned themselves to be ready to cross the stream.

"Ready?" Night called.

All of the cats nodded, though Fluff anf Mil looked quite nervous.

"Good, then let's roll," Night mewed, his black pelt glimmering in the fading sunlight.

He led the cats at a fast trot, up through the stream and to the other side, a forest.

The forest was a leafy green, and the ground looked mottled, from the sunlight falling through the trees onto the shadowed ground below.

They trekked through, until Dew called something up to Night.

"What?" Night asked, not hearing.

"It should be easy from here on," Dew called, louder this time.

Night nodded, but in his mind he knew that nothing was ever easy.

Chapter Two

Night awoke to a loud crash, and the whole forest seemed to shake, a wind blew through, and he felt his long fur stand up. He felt Aspen stir beside him and he heard Fluff's kits squealing.

"Night," he heard Aspen's voice mew from the darkness, "What just happened?"

"I don't know," the black tom replied, getting to his paws, "but whatever it was, was bad."

"Should we move on?" Aspen further questioned.

"I don't know," Night mewed, shaking his head, "But we might have to. Wake up whatever cats that have managed to sleep through this, and stay in a group from now on, with Flash and Cloud in the center. I'll take Dew and Greg with me to investigate."

Aspen nodded, immediately leaping away to arouse the other cats.

Night picked his way around the rocks and debris that had been scattered by whatever had happened and found Dew awake, and staring into the depths of the forest beyond them, where the thing seemed to have happened.

"Dew," Night called, jarring Dew from his thoughts.

"Yes?" Dew replied, turning around to face the black tom.

"Will you come with me to fine out what this thing was?"

Dew nodded, his tail held high in apprehension of what was coming.

"We just need to go fetch Greg to come with us," Night said, starting to bound away.

Dew nodded, following the black tom into the darkness.

Night found Greg trying to calm his kits with Fluff. He padded towards the tom and called out when he was a few fox-lengths away, "Greg!'

Greg spun around, his claws unsheathed before noticing that it was only Night. "Oh, it's just you," he meowed, "did you hear what we heard?"

Night nodded, before beckoning with his tail, "We're about to go find out what's going on and we wanted you to come with us."

Greg nodded, but he clearly looked worried about leaving his kits behind.

"Don't worry," Dew rasped, noticing Greg's reaction, "Your kits will be fine."

Night nodded, "besides that, Aspen will be coming any minute; until we know what happened, she and Gray will stay behind with Mil, Fluff, Leap, and the kits."

This seemed to ease Greg's mind, as he followed the other two toms into the inky-black forest.

Chapter Three

Aspen rounded the cats together and rigidly stood watch. Every leaf she heard crunch made her jump and at one point she thought she saw eyes peering back at her, but they disappeared after only a moment.

"Aspen," she heard a voice mew, she jumped and turned around, towards the voice before realizing that it was only Gray.

"What?" she asked the big tom, she could see weariness in his pale blue eyes and wondered if he was thinking about Leap, who was carrying his kits.

"I think I just saw eyes looking back at us," he mewed fervently, worry in his gaze.

"I thought so too, but they left just as quickly as they came, so I don't know," the tawny she-cat replied steadily.

"But Aspen, you don't get it," Gray said, his voice getting so low Aspen could barely hear him, "glance into the woods right behind me."

Aspen glanced around the tom and into the woods. A gasp of shock left her jaws as she saw what Gray had been talking about, there was clearly more than one set of eyes staring at the cats.

Chapter Four

Night padded into the forest first, his tail held high. He was trying to remain strong and confident for the other toms, but he slowly felt his courage ebb away with every pawstep. Something was out here, something bigger than any of them!

As the three toms got closer to the disaster Night noticed more and more leaves and branches littering the ground. How big does something have to be to create a disaster like this? he wondered.

"Night," Greg mewed, "We're getting close."

Night nodded, he took the lead and led the toms into a clearing where a stone multiple times bigger than any of them was sitting in a crater.


Chapter Five


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