Those emoji's in text messages

showing me you were happy when I

was not able of seeing past the screen.

The long I love you's, where you would

tell me that you adored me and

have never adored another soul

as much as you loved mine.

The day where I was to leave

and instead of saying good luck

you told me "I love you"

six times, until I grew aware

of how divine and intense such

and emotion was.

When I asked you why,

you mentioned the namesake of our

school, and whenever he would come to our

concerts and tell us "You must tell

your loved ones these three words

six or more times a day".

I understood that day

what love was, and how support

came to me in little bursts

the same way it came to you.

But my heart never quite

told you, the intensity of my

emotions towards you. It never

mentioned that it had recited our inside

jokes so many times, that it could

say it off the top of it's little broken pieces.

I never explained that your touch created

hurricanes and tidal waves within me,

it caused my ground to shake and taught me

that lightning can strike you twice

and that it always will if you're standing out

in the thunder storm.

You were all the beautiful the dark

world had to offer, and for this reason

humans are convinced that the world is all but good.

They have yet to meet you.

And I hope they never have to.

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