What More Than Love

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete

Because this week (10-16 November) is Aromantic Awareness week. Aromanticism is defined as not feeling romantic attraction to anyone at all ever full stop. As an aro, this sort of sums it up for me.

I've never known what love is
And I've never really cared
I never paid attention
If anyone ever stared
My friends go through their partners
And talk about a crush
When it gets to me I nod
Mute and dumb to such

And then we all got older
And I began to see
Romantic partners everywhere
And never one for me
And my friends all talk of heartbreak
Of partners, of breaking up
So how do I tell them I've never felt that way
Not once ever had a crush

'You'll get married when you're older'
'One day you will find love'
That's what they say, those who feel
So inclined as to romance
But what if I don't want 'more than friends'?
Or never want a crush
Because love is love is love
And isn't platonic good enough?

And yet they still ask:
Do you have a partner yet?
And I feel a little crushed
Because I don't know how
To comfort their tears
When they've been dumped or fall in love
And I can't begin to explain the absence
That they make me feel
I don't want a romantic partner
Is that not in the deal?

That's what you're told isn't it?
Heartbreak is the biggest pain of all
All the songs, the poems, the books
All have love as the final aim
And never once does the love of friend
Seem to be in the same game

So gladly have you partners
And gladly kiss under the moon
Because the thought of that's repulsive
I'd rather you got a room
Even if only to hold hands
Because I never want romance
I'll take a quest far above all that
If it will bring friends
Of the lifelong sort
That love's most important to me

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