This is a preview for part two of the James Moore series, so, if you  liked "Guilt", then you may like this preview.

"You're being transported to your workplace, Mr. Moore." the voice called. Jim was plucked up by the invisible crane again, and a hatch in the floor opened. The crane made him soar through the air and he was eventually dropped into an office building. There were millions of cubicles and a big screen with the bearded man's face on it, yelling at people to work.

"If you bums don't start working soon, I swear to God, I'll get the candwatchers to kick your asses!" he yelled.

"Why don't you shut up?" a man yelled back at the monitor. He was picked up by a claw, most likely attached to the monitor, and was dragged off.

"OH GOD! OH MY GOD, HELP ME!" the man started screaming in fear. Two ghostly beings resembling wraiths picked him from the claw and flew off with him in their arms. "Let me go! Somebody stop them!" the man screamed.

"Where are they taking him?" Jim asked a co-worker.

"Nobody knows. They just get picked, and they are never seen again." he responded, "Hi. My name is Gerald."

"I'm Jim. Jim Moore."

"I heard about your daughter's suicide in the news. I'm sorry for you.

"I don't want to talk about my daughter right now."

"You should get over it-"

"I SAID I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT MY DAUGHTER!" Jim shouted. Gerald went back to work slowly with a surprised look on his face.

There is your preview. Wendigo is coming out 6/3/16, so be prepared for part two of Jim's adventure.