Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete

A Poem by IRmjii

I once had a Teddy Bear
Big, Brown and Fluffy
I lost it in a car journey home.

I once had a toy racecar
Fiery, Furious and Fantastic
It got thrown away in the trash

I once had a giant chocolate cake
Delicious, Delightful and Drizzly
My dog ate the entire lot.

I once has a woman.
Sweet, Smiley and Smart
She was forced to move away.

I once had a buddy
Cool, Calm and a Card Collector
He died in a car accident.

I once had a TV Program.
Funny, Fascinating and Flawless.
The Sky box crashed and wiped it off.

I once had a Mother.
Loving, Lively and Laughter Heavy
She had to turn in for the night.

I once had a lot of Bravery
Beautiful, Bold and Big
But now all this has happened. I think i have lost my appetite.

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