Many merciless vampires,

Immortal beings who were bringers of death

Are some of those monsters that like to haunt the night.

They turn into bats

And they feast on blood,

And some people fear them.

Marissa was a vampire as well,

But she was not scary at all.

She was an immortal being

Who preferred to be a savior of life.

She was actually a good vampire

And was rather very friendly.

While other vampires were rude and merciless,

Marissa was quite kind-hearted and compassionate.

She thought being a vampire was a blessing,

Rather than a curse.

While her vampires wanted to feast on living thoughts,

She would rather be with friendly humans who understood her.

As she roamed the night,

With the full moon shining bright,

She liked to make a few human friends,

And sometimes invited them to fancy parties at her castle.

When they saw her flying with bat wings at night,

Or walking with her parasol at daylight,

They all knew that she was a good vampire,

Never afraid to come out at any time.

Marissa never wanted to drain anyone of their blood,

Because she was too kind and nice to do gruesome things

Like other vampires did.

Even though she looked a little spooky,

Most people thought she was nice,

So she never bit anyone with her delicate fangs.

She always wondered what it would be like

If she were a living human

Because no human was afraid of her,

And because of that,

She was quite satisfied.

So, when you see Marissa,

Please don't be scared,

Because she's a rather friendly vampire,

And not all vampires are evil.

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