Vampire Elemental Quadrilogy

Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None


How to know whether something is human or not:

Vampire: Red eyes (Blood also has healing abilities. Fast and strong. Keen hearing. Sun affects them. They drink blood.)

Lycan: Yellow eyes (Can Control their transformations. Attack whatever.)

Wendigos: Silver eyes (Very strong. Eats human flesh. Silver is like acid to wendigos and burns them.)

Me and my brother and sister are dhampyrs. A cross breed of a vampire and a human. We are the first and ONLY surviving dhampyrs. The other dhampyrs that were born were killed on sight.


  1. Vampire Elemental - In Progress
  2. Next Generation - Not Started
  3. Future - Not Started
  4. Apocalypse - Not Started


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