DateSept 8, 2015
Time1:55 P.M.
  • ROBYN: ...Jack?
  • JACK: Yes, Roby?
  • WENDIGO: Where the hell were you?!
  • JACK: Oh, hello Elizabeth, how are you doing?
  • WENDIGO(sarcastic): Oh, we were just fine living on our own for 2 years, how are you doing?!

As I was yelling at him, I noticed that Jack was calm. Wait...did he just call me Elizabeth?

  • JACK: That's your name, right?
  • WENDIGO: Not any more! Its Ryder now. How did you know that?
  • JACK: Let's talk about it inside okay, it looks like it's about to rain.
DateSept 8, 2015
  • WENDIGO: Jack?
  • JACK: Yep?
  • WENDIGO: How.Do.You.Know.Us?
  • JACK: Why do wendigos always talk in third person? It's kinda cool and odd.
  • WENDIGO: Jack?
  • JACK: Yep?
  • WENDIGO: Listen to me, carefully.
  • JACK: Your vampire form, you were born with it. The wendigo came from something, didn't it. The wendigo always comes out when you're in danger.

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