Katie POV

DateSept 8, 2015
LocationRavencrow Junior High
Time7:37 A.M.

I slowly entered the school. My ears pricked as I watched so many people walk by. Taking a deep breath, I walk up a to a redhead boy wearing glasses. I smile and try to introduce myself but when he turns and sees me, he freaks out. Slightly offended but more hurt I explain I'm harmless. Of course, he doesn't believe me.

  • KATIE: I'm Katie. What's that?
  •  ???: I'm Andrew. It's a heat signature monitor. Basically, I point it to someone and depending on your body heat, I can tell what species you are. For ex. vampires generate a much lower body heat signature, werewolf generates a massive heat signature. Wanna test it out?
  • KATIE: Uhh... Well... I don't think...

The bell rang, signaling that it was time to head to gym class.

I had the ratty red gym t-shirt halfway up my shoulders before my top ever left my neck, and the shirt was long enough that it covered everything else as I scrambled out of my skirt and into the awful, terrible, no-good shorts that showed way too much leg.

With one last sigh, I tied up my long hair and started the awkward shuffle toward the gym proper, knowing I could only delay the inevitable for so long.

I cringed again at the sound of bouncing balls echoed all around me, mixing with carefree laughter and the squeak of sneakers in the cavernous space. I deposited myself on the bleachers with my knees tucked up tightly to my chest, trying to stay invisible for as long as I could. Even I couldn't help but notice the contrast between my own self-conscious twitching and blushing, my eyes glued to the floor, and the flirty preening of the pretty girls. Raising my gaze just a little, I eyed some girls with, perfect blonde hair in flowing curls, and developed bodies.

I almost stumbled over my own feet when I heard Coach Newton yelling Andrew's last name, whipping my head around to watch as he unfurled himself, while still awkwardly keeping his head down.

In front of me, I heard one of the girls snickering, and my blush grew.

  •  ???: Looks like somebody's a little distracted
  •  ???'s friend: Oh God.

My hands were curled up in fists, and if I could punch one of those witches, it would have been now.

Fortunately - or unfortunately - I was distracted by Coach Newton calling us all to attention again, holding up the worst instrument of torture known to my little twelve-year-old heart.

A dodgeball.


I kept silently cursing, keeping my head down as Coach Newton reminded us all of the rules and indicated the two halves of the gym we would be playing on.

I caught Andrew's eye as a plan flashed in my mind, my hand pulling back with the ball in it as I turned to face him. His face contorted into an expression of absolute dread and resignation as his whole body folded even tighter into itself, if that was possible, his height reduced down until he looked like nothing more than a scared kid.

A scared kid that had a dodgeball being aimed at him.

I dropped my hand just a little and smiled, trying for all I could to show that I had no bad intentions, and then I carefully, softly tossed the ball his way, missing him by at least a foot, but at least it was on purpose this time.

His eyes widened when it dawned on him that maybe I wasn't going to persecute him, his eyes darting to the ball and then back to me.

And then he grinned.

Pumping those adorably skinny legs, he crossed over to the spot where the ball had wedged itself up under the bleachers, retrieving it and then flashing me another wide and amused smile. I steadied myself, hoping he was willing to play the same game I was.

Grinning like idiots, completely oblivious to the rest of the game, Andrew and I settled into our own game of who-can-stink-the-most, sticking to our own little three-foot wide lane at the very edge of the room. I threw a soft pitch at him and he lobbed it back with just as little interest. As we played, I watched the grin on his face getting wider and wider, his body unfolding just a little bit as he started to get more comfortable. Heck, if I didn't know any better, I might have actually thought that we were having fun.

Then the ball came out of nowhere. It was hard and mean and furiously fast, and I felt my smile evaporating, a look of pure horror taking over my face as someone on my side of the floor called Andrew's name.

Still smiling, Andrew turned. And that's how he happened to be facing exactly the wrong direction to take the dodge-ball square in the face.

All of a sudden, my little perfect game was replaced by a scream, by Andrew clutching his eye and shattered pieces of his glasses flying, glass and plastic and metal. And, oh god, there was blood.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was running straight past the line, completely deaf to the sound of the whistle blowing in the background or the snickers or even the mumbles of concern. All there was at that moment was Andrew, sinking to the floor, still holding his hand tightly across the side of his face and tears welling up in his one eye that I could see, even as he was obviously trying to hold them back.

Slowly, Andrew moved his hand down and my head swam a little. His glasses were completely destroyed, hanging off of the one side of his head. The whole side of his face was covered with a big red welt that already looked like it was starting to bruise, and there was a nasty cut on the side of his nose that was bleeding. I tried to ignore the metallic scent, focusing as best I could on the fact that his eye was fine and that he would be OK, and I found myself breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

Daniel POV

DateSept 8, 2015
LocationDaniel's room
Time6:40 A.M.


I groaned and threw my arm out from under the covers, feeling around on my nightstand for the irritating source of the even more irritating sound. I smacked it several times, but it wouldn't shut up so I grabbed it and threw it across the room. Finally, blissful silence. I buried my head into the pillow and was just about to drift off to sleep when Katie landed on my bed. I yelped and sat straight up. I heard her giggle and I growled at her.

  • DANIEL: Katie, you scared the hell out of me.
  • KATIE: Well, you should have gotten up with your alarm clock. You need to get up Daniel. We're going to be late if you don't get ready.
  • DANIEL(whining): I don't wanna go(pulls the covers back up over my head)
  • KATIE: You have to Danny(she pulls them back down) If you don't get up, I'm going to get Robyn to help me.
  • DANIEL(V.O.): Damn her threats.
  • DANIEL(CONT'D): Kat... Five more minutes, please.
  • KATIE: No! Daniel, I'm going to count to three, and if you don't get your butt out of bed, I'm gonna get Robyn. One…(I yanked the covers over my head and did my best to ignore her.)Two…Three! ROBYN!

A moment later my twin sister came in the room.

  • ROBYN: Daniel, just do it. It would make your life a lot easier.

I growled and didn't come out from under the covers.

Ice freezing cold water came down on my head. I yelped and sat straight up, shaking my head. I heard Katie give a little shriek and jump away from me.

  • DANIEL(mutter): Asshole.
  • ROBYN: Sorry, D.
  • DANIEL: Yeah, I know. Will you two just get out so I can get ready?

I went into my bathroom and got into my shower, washing quickly before drying off and going back into my room. I opened my dresser drawers and pulled out a pair of school pants, a button shirt, and a blazer, pulling them on and finding a pair of socks—Katie matched them up for me so I could wear matching ones—and pulled on my sneakers. I quickly brushed my hair back into a ponytail, fetched my tie and walked downstairs. Everyone else was already in the kitchen and I could hear Max and Anya as well.

  • DANIEL: Hey, everybody. (I walked into the kitchen, sat down at the table and grabbed a piece of toast.)
  • KATIE: Hurry and eat, Danny. Or we're going to be late for school.

On the way to school, Robyn told all of us not to use our powers in front of humans at all cost.

I walked into the school looking for my locker. I casually felt along the numbers making it seem as if I was just running my fingers along the wall. When I found mine I stopped, I listened for the almost silent clicks as I turned the numbers, and opened my locker. I was just getting the things I needed for my first few classes when someone walked up behind me.

  •  ???: Hi, you must be new here.
  • DANIEL: Must be.
  • REBECCA: Well I'm Rebecca if you need any help finding your classes or anything, just let me know.
  • DANIEL: Well actually, do you know where Mr. Becker's class is? 
  • REBECCA: That's my first class, come on, I'll take you there.
  • REBECCA: So, do you want to sit next to me?
  • DANIEL: Sure.
  • MR. BECKER: Good morning class, and welcome back. Many of you will probably have succeeded in losing a few brain cells watching TV this summer, so I will do my best to help you not show it. We will be playing 'get to know you' games so that you may become familiar with your classmates. The game we will play is around the world, one person will start by saying their name and something about themselves, such as places they've been or foods they like, and anyone who likes or has done the same thing will stand up and the person will choose one of the people that stand up and say something different about themselves. You in the front, uh Rebecca you may start.
  • REBECCA: Well I'm Rebecca and I um… walk to school.

Four people stood up, the boy sitting next to me, a guy with jet black hair and gray eyes, a girl with bleach blonde hair who smells like she used too much tanning lotion, and a guy with a sports jacket.

  • ZACH: I'm Zach, and I play video games.

The entire class stood up except for me, for some reason, video games never caught my interest. But when everyone started staring at me I wished I had stood up.

  • ZACH: You don't play video games!?
  • DANIEL: Never caught my interest.
  • ZACH: Well, um you kid with the dragon tattoo.

Zach chose to the boy next to me, and everyone else sat down

  • AADEN: I'm Aaden and my favorite food is grilled broccoli.

I stood up only to find that I was the only one who did so.

  • AADEN: Cool, you like broccoli too!?
  • DANIEL: Yah, it's one of my favorite foods. (As long as I'm the only kid who doesn't play video games I might as well like a food everyone hates.)
  • AADEN: Well I guess I pick you.
  • DANIEL: I'm Daniel, and I love Mortal Kombat.
  • DANIEL: Um, you, the girl with the tan.
  • ADDISON: I'm Addison, and I think that Daniel is weird.

Most of the class stood up, but the girl with white and black hair, Aaden, Rebecca, and Zach all stayed sitting down. I really didn't care what the class thought. Although someone should teach them manners, so I stuck all their feet into the ground with a twist of my wrist. The kids tried to move their feet but couldn't. And when they pulled their hardest I let them out, and they all fell to the floor. Then the bell rang, and it was time for their next class.

  • DANIEL: Rebecca, could you tell me where Mr. Bedoin's class is.
  • REBECCA: Sure.

Class went smoothly. The bell rang again, another class done. I heard everyone scurry towards the door, and sighed. I was lost in thought when someone grabbed my wrist. I jumped.

  • REBECCA: Sorry, Daniel. I didn't mean to startle you.

I calmed and smiled as I got up.

  • DANIEL: Yeah right Rebecca.(I walked beside Rebecca, who still had a firm grip on my wrist.)

All of the sudden she stopped and the smell of food flooded my nose.

  • REBECCA: We're in line for lunch, what do you want?
  • DANIEL: I'll have what you're having.
  • REBECCA: Do you want to sit with my friends and me?
  • DANIEL: Sure.
  • REBECCA: Hey guys, this is Daniel. Daniel, this is Jet, (she pointed to the boy with gray eyes), Sue, (she pointed to the girl with white/black hair), and I believe you know Aaden and Zach.
  • DANIEL: Hey.

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