DateSept 8, 2015
Time1:45 P.M.

Yay! Finally!


I love sports.

I hurried off to the girls' locker room and changed into shorts and a sweatshirt.

I ran to the gymnasium.

They are starting the soccer unit and boy am I excited.

The coach made us run 10 laps around the field, by the time we were done, everyone was exhausted and they literally dropped on the ground, while I was still standing there breathing normally and not tired at all.

Then, the coach made us do 50 push ups.

I wasn't really tired, though.

The coach separated us into two groups and we had a game till the end of class.

Guess whose team won?


After P.E. the bell rings and I start walking toward the woods.

I didn't know what to do so I might as well take a walk.

I saw a pond.

I sat down by the edge and let my book bag slump next to me.

I breathed in the smell of the water.

Nice and fresh.

  • CHEETAH: Robyn! Run!
  • ASSASSIN: Kill her!

One of them had broken away from the group and were gaining on me quickly. I was running at top speed when I tripped and fell face-forward, scraping my knee and elbow.

  • WEREWOLF ASSASSIN: I promise to make your death quick…and almost painless, hybrid.

Time seemed to slow down as the beast made to kill me. I kicked the werewolf and he flew over me and slashed my blazer and shirt with his claws. We then somehow ended up falling into the gaping hole of the ravine.

I grabbed a nearby root with one hand and held on for dear life.

Using all of my strength, I managed to pull myself up. My blazer began tearing and the werewolf's eyes widened. As the last threads broke, the werewolf gave a howl and plummeted to his death.

I breathed heavily, not taking in what had just happened. I almost died.

Then, I looked around. The second assassin was lying dead.

Scrambling to my feet, I saw another assassin struggling in the grip of a hooded person, dressed all in black and red. I took my revolver out when I heard the last desperate yelp from the werewolf as it was killed. Loading the gun, I whirled around and pointed it at the stranger.

The stranger turned to see a revolver pointed at his head. He put his hands up in surrender.

  •  ???: Calm down, I am not going to hurt you.
  • WENDIGO: You're being stupid. Why would he save you from some assassins just to murder you?

I tightened my hold on the trigger.

  •  ???: I could have just watched you get mauled by some wolves if I wanted you dead. Just relax.

Slowly, I lowered the revolver until it was pointing at the ground.

  •  ???: I am not going to hurt you..(The man stepped towards me slowly, hands still up in surrender.)
  • ROBYN: ... Jack?
  •  ???: Hello, Roby...

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