DateAugust 5, 2013
Time10:01 P.M.
  • BLAKE: You almost had them? You almost HAD THEM?! If you almost had them, then how did three children escape?
  • SAM: Now Blake, calm down. You know it wasn't Ren's fault they escaped.
  • REN: Yeah! How was I suppose to know the teenager had a gun?
  • BLAKE: You could have read the files idiot! Anyway I have a plan to end the hybrid races once and for all...
DateAugust 7, 2013
Time8:22 A.M.

When I woke up, I noticed Anya's body leaning against my side. She was still sleeping, so I didn't move. When I stretched, I noticed that my chest was covered with bandages.

Finally Anya woke up and her eyes opened. I had ice-blue eyes, Katie and Daniel green, Max blue and Anya, scarlet red. I had our mom's copper auburn hair, not the dark hair dad passed on the Daniel and Katie.

Anya's scarlet eyes looked at me for a second.

  • ANYA: Robyn?
  • ROBYN: Huh...ow!

I turned my head and a muscle protested on my chest.

Katie got up and made some tea.

  • ROBYN: What happened last night?
  • ANYA: That guard shot you.
  • ROBYN: I know that...but how did we get into a hotel?
  • KATIE: Well...remember when you got shot?
  • ROBYN: Yeah?
  • KATIE: After you got shot...
DateAugust 5, 2013
Time9:36 P.M.

KATIE(CONT.): You started coughing up blood, then you fainted.

  • ANYA: We had to find a doctor so we called Patrice.
  • PATRICE: WHAT?! Robyn got shot?!
  • KATIE: Hey...we need to know where the nearest hospital is.
  • PATRICE: One is 50 miles.
  • KATIE: I could get there in 8 minutes, but I can't carry Robyn and Anya.
  • ???: Maybe I can help.

A guy jumps off a fire escape and lands on his feet. Then he goes behind Katie, startling her.


He quickly covered Katie's mouth.

  • ???: you want to wake all of Vegas?
  • KATIE: Who are you?
  • NICK: Nick.

He sighed and turned to me, and put his hand on my wrist.

  • NICK(CONT.): Why's R's chest bleeding?
  • ANYA(TIMID): How do you know Robyn's name?
  • KATIE: Some guard at a cruise ship shot her.
  • NICK: What did the guy look like?
  • KATIE: He had black hair and blue-green eyes and a pig face.

Nick's eyes turned yellow for a second and he growled and muttered something.

  • NICK: How come I can smell silver in Robyn?
  • KATIE: The guard shot Robyn with a silver bullet. We have to get her to a hospital, now-
  • NICK: Nah! She'll be fine.(carries Robyn on his back) We just need to remove the bullet. Well...let's go!
  • Nick climbs the wall and jumps on the roof.
  • NICK(CONT.): Aren't you coming?

Katie's wings unfold and she starts to fly while holding Anya's hand.

DateAugust 7, 2013
Time8:25 A.M.

I looked around the room and noticed Nick wasn't there.

  • ROBYN: Where's Nick?
  • ANYA: He went to get food.
  • ROBYN: When Nick gets back, tell him he's welcome to join us.

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