DateDec 16th, 2004
Time7:06 A.M.

When I woke up, I was in a empty room in a hospital gown with bandages on my forehead, wrist and legs.

I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I see is nothing but white. White walls, white floors, and white bed and blankets.

  • Robyn: This must be heaven.

I hear a soft chuckle.

  • ???: No its not heaven, its a hospital.”

It is then that I realize the machines that I'm hooked up to. I turn to look at the voice who spoke. I noticed that it was a woman and she had a serious but gentle face.

  • ???: Child what is your name?
  • Robyn(dazed): My name?

I watched as the woman smile at me.

  • Vafara: Yes your name

I knew that Vafara was a nice and kind person that you could trust.

  • Robyn: My name is Robyn Carter.

I saw a little shock play on her face before she quickly covered it up.

  • Vafara: So how old are you?
  • Robyn: I turned 7 two months ago.
  • Vafara: Ah. So your a autumn baby.”
  • Robyn: Yes Vafara. Winter time is also my favorite season.

I saw the door slam open and I watched as a lady with very long white hair and bright green-yellow eyes walk into my room with oatmeal and a liquid in a cup that smells almost like iron.

  • Vafara: Hello Pandora.
  • Pandora: Hi uh. What's your name?
  • Robyn: My name is Robyn Carter.

I felt her put a hand on my head and gave me cat smile.

  • Pandora: Nice to meet you.
  • Robyn(giggled): Like wise.

I started eating the oatmeal and drinking the liquid. It tasted almost like salt and copper.

Vafara laid some clothes on the bed and told me to put them on. The dress was white and a little too frilly. I. Don't. Like. Dresses. The stockings were black and the boots were brown with black laces. They were kinda nice. A lot better than my old stuff. I sat on the edge of the bed.

  • Vafara: You can go now, Robyn.
  • Robyn: Go where?
  • Vafara: To the play area.
  • Pandora: I'll take you there.
  • Robyn: Ok.

At the play area there were kids drawing and coloring and painting. I pushed open a screen door and stepped out into the cold winter morning sun. 

  • ???: Hey.

I opened my eyes and saw Daniel standing across from me. He got taller and thinner. His jet black hair was longer. His eyes are green with no pupils.

  • Katie: Hi! (She jumped from behind Daniel) She's tannish-pale and skinny. Her hair's the same color as Daniel's. Her eyes are hazel-green.
  • ???: Hey China Girl. Blind Rat.

There are three boys standing around Daniel, Katie and me.

  • Daniel(rude,posh accent): Oh hello, Reginald.
  • ???: Shut up!

The boy who spoke was bigger and older then us. He had black curly hair and yellow eyes.

Katie throws a snowball at him.

  • Reg: What the-What the heck is this?! Do you think I'm stupid?!"
  • Katie: Yes...

Reginald grabs Katie's scarf, dangling her three feet off the ground, strangling her.

  • Reg: What did you say you little-

Daniel swings at Reg's head. Reg fell to the ground with a bloody nose.

Reg's croonie hits Daniel so hard and fast that his nose and mouth started squirting blood.

  • Robyn: Leave them alone! (I throw a huge chunk of ice at them.)

Reg's other croonie punched me in the stomach so hard, that I spit up blood. I felt my fingers growing into claws and my teeth growing sharp and long.

I bit Reg's croonie's arm so hard that I felt the skin peel off.

All I could hear was his veins pulsing faster and faster. It felt almost amazing.

I ran to Reg with lightning speed and elbowed him in the back, then I punched him in the stomach and face.

Just then, everything went black.

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