My name, Robynne Amelia Marine Carter. Born, Halloween, October 31st, 1998.

As a kid, my life was centered around the big, white wood-frame farmhouse at 1162 Cross Street. I lived there with my mother, Valentine; my father, Darren; my twin brother, Daniel; and my baby sister, Katie. Seven white wooden stairs led to the front door. A giant rubber plant stood inside the front hallway next to tall mahogany bookcases.

Next came the living room with its green velvet chair and matching couch. Great-grandma Carmen's clock and a copper horse that belonged to Great-grandpa rested on the mantel over the fireplace.

The kitchen had a huge stove, a red chrome-trimmed breakfast table and chairs, bright yellow walls and a linoleum floor.

My room was a place for my stuffed animals to live and a home for my huge stuffed cat, the one mother made for me.

My twin brother, Daniel's bedroom was filled with strange trucks, rocks and a wooden train he and father made. Daniel spend lots of time counting marbles and putting puzzles together.

My baby sister, Katie's room was filled with baby toys.

When me and Daniel turned 5, something terrible happened... My dad was murdered by being stabbed in the heart with a silver dagger(vampires are fatally allergic to silver), my mother was shot in the head  with a silver bullet, Daniel lost his eyesight and my heart turned weak. I will find the person who murdered my parents.

The battle is not over....

Chapter 1

I was running- running from someone that would kill me if I stop. I get to a gate and I climb it when a man grabbed my ankle and pulled me down hard.

I fell and hit my back- hard. The man grabbed my arm, and bit into my wrist. Scarlet red was everywhere as the man was eating my flesh.

Somehow, even though I was at the brink of death, with all the strength I had left, I punched the man square in the nose with my good arm then I bit his hand hard enough to taste his strangely sweet blood.

While he was screaming in pain, I jumped over the gate and ran. I fell down a snowy rocky path. I was rolling down a path of sharp rocks which resulted in shredded legs and arms.

My forehead struck a sharp rock and gushes of blood shot from there. Scarlet stained the snow. Sleep closed over me like the dark forest.

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