Alright I am here with a few messages!

  • New Series

Okay so most of you probably know about my new series, Savior! It was made based off of the book I wrote for Bloody's and Cinder's writing contest. After I wrote the first book (Which it's name is now changing to Death Rises) I thought it was pretty good and I wanted to continue using those characters so I will be making a series out of it.

  • Savior Series Website

Okay so I have made my own website/wiki that promotes the Savior Series. It has what the series is about, about the characters, and the books are on their as well so whenever I finish each story on here I'll copy and paste it onto there. Here is the link if you are interested(BTW You can make fanfictions on there >:D):

  • New Stories

So if you haven't seen on my profile already, I have many different story titles awaiting me to make. I am going to be writing a whole other series as well called Movie Fanfictions which is taking characters from movies I have seen and making fanfics about them. Dun worry, I shall give credit to the creators of the characters. I am also going to be writing some singular stories, such as Death in Hallow's Eve, Hunted and When Ice Meets Fire.

I hope you enjoyed!

TawnypeltloverTHE Loki Fangirl

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