TNSO, or The New Set of Olympians, is a story written from three different point of views (it is NOT a collab!). TNSO (Demitra) is written by me, Demitra is MY character. TNSO (Roxxane) is written by my best friend, Roxxane is HER character. TNSO (Riko) is written by my second best friend, Riko is HER character. My best friend will post the story as soon as she has read mine and knows where we will be posting it. I am pleased to say that TNSO can only be found on here as TNSO will be deleted on all the others wiki's it has been posted. I hope that everyone will be happy to read it! I'll be pleased if you guys do. I worked hard on TNSO (Demitra), it's not my most amazing word, but it soon will be! I hope everyone will also read TNSO (Riko) and TNSO (Roxxane), they are also good. TNSO (Riko) and TNSO (Roxxane) have not yet been posted, but TNSO (Demitra) has been posted! I hope you will read all three parts >.< I love you all =)

EDIT: Make the four stories...

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