Tristi Veritate

Rating: Explicit
Status: Complete
Series: Bramble's Series
Preceding: None
Succeeding: La Deulour Exquise

A/N: It's twisted, I tell you. Feel free to test your courage and fearlessness, and enter the world between descendants of the Devils and Angels. Inspired by an incident I'm sure you kids never encountered. The letters are quoted anonymously. The title is Sad Reality in latin.

Rated EXPLICIT for safety and swearing. Anyways, read on!

DAL -1


I hate how much I love you,

And the part that hurts the most is you.

Everything I do and plan won't be achieved,

So save your breath and be gone by dawn.


It's reality. I've managed to hurt two people that I care for in one single dream.

One single day that happened like a dramatic dream.

Foxwell was teasing me, showing my failed attempt at reading Albyss's letters and interpreting them. I threw a jar of his precious pickles and smashed his virus-scanner into the wall, leaving a huge dent in the walls. Darius walked past me, and I lost it. I threw him into the wall and nearly punched him. He said he was carrying supplies for the meeting. I didn't know why I ran away after he said it. It was just a one time thing, right? 

Anyways, I woke up to find a anger-charged Camelot standing in front of me. I narrowed my eyes and braced for a lecture, but she simply chucked my robe at me, "You're in big trouble, Ivris. Darius's really mad at you. What on earth was you thinking when you did that?!"

Oh great. What a pleasant morning surprise.

I got dressed and went down to the cafeteria. Picking a seat near my workshop exit, I sat down, making sure that I flashed Foxwell the best glare I had. Neverless, everyone was really quiet at breakfast, and Darius ignored me as he brushed past me. I simply waited until everyone left.

I just wanted some peace and quiet so I could think. What's the problem of that?

Callisto and Calypso were discussing about the mysterious traces found in the Arena. Foxwell pried open a can of baked beans and glared at me. Darius was flirting with Camelot, and Altair was trying to design a new cart that had wings and could power off with the Devil's powers (Not including Calypso). I was left alone to deal with my stack of reports (all mussed up). Being the Ice Queen- no, loner in the pack sucks.

Eventually, everyone left. (Well, I had to buy Foxwell another jar pickles. He wouldn't budge.) I picked up Darius's pen case and stared at it. He didn't come back to get it, surprisingly. I  felt all the anger, all the fear as I stared at it. How dare he affect me when he simply did nothing? How dare he make me feel angry, yet the same time sad? I'm not the snobbish girl I pretend to be!!! How could he?! I picked it up, feeling the weight in my calloused hands. The fuel of anger, not courage, egged me on, I told myself. No courage for the cold-hearted, cynical Ice Queen.

It was the anger that fueled me on. 

I threw the object in my hand as hard as I coul into the nearby furnace. It started to burn a little while later. Extinguishing the fire (and using my ice powers), I started to break. Damn that guy!

How could I go soft on him, when I always told the Guardian Angel trainees not to fall for the people they guard for!

My tears fell. My walls had successfully tumbled down, thanks to one simple pen-case.



Darius tells me that you broke his wand. It was in his burnt (and ice cold) pen-case. Would you be responsible for it? My insticts tell me so.

I am sorry for showing your interpertation letters to the guys. They didn't laugh at you, and Camelot ordered me to immediately appologise to you. I'm truly sorry; even Sparklyn offered to tutor you. No one hates you, Ives. Your brilliant at interpertating visions and we'll never doubt you.

About Darius, however, you have to apologise to him. He's annoyed and frustraed that you're pranking him for no reason. I don't think he's ever going to befriend you anymore, judging by the wya you guys communicated this morning.

Come to me if you have anymore troubles. I doubt that Ernie's going to be helping you. He's being lectured by an annoyed Darius now, so you can guess his reaction.

See you tommorow!



Oh god. I feel so bad now. Foxwell just sent me a dream vision involving him lecturing for my faults. And a speaking parchment, of course. That is usually how we communicate.

But then, why isn't everyone ushering Darius to walk faster when he's lagging behind, or interrupting me when I speak in such an icy tone and everyone flinches? And why is Darius hitting on Camelot?! WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER?!

It's crazy. Today is a crazy day indeed.



I wouldn't actually blame you for all the things that happened yesterday. I don't think your 'that' cold hearted. I would get that as joke if my precious pen-case wouldn't have broken. Plus I'm not in a good mood that day. (And I think someone actually kicked my pencil case that really broke my things.)

Therefore, I wouldn't actually blame you for all that happened. Since you actually have the courage to say sorry, it would be ok to just ignore what had happened except those broken utilities. So it would be great if you make everything go back to where it belongs. I'll take some time to think about the "allying" thing.



Damn that letter. He actually doesn't know me as well as he should. He claims that he can read me clearly, but then, why doesn't he see that I love him?! (Gosh! I said the L word! Albyss is going to kill me!!!)

And I don't think that anyonw here actually has courage, Darius Robinson! We've all been broken dwn by someone or something (Discouragement actually is allowed for trainees as a reason! Ha!). Why would we suddenly have the courage to face some people who we've hurt recently?!

Foxwell is so damn smart. I wish I had the intelligence he had- IQ.


Camelot is flirting with him again, but she always shoots glances at me while he is talking to her.

Callisto just attended a meeting with me. I bet she hasn't finished her report to Albyss. AGAIN. I guess I'll have to finish for her. But then, my most hated saviour stepped into the room and ordered her to finish the report by midnight. (That's only 3 hours away, by the way.) Neverless, the haughty know-it-all slinked away in a millisecond. And that dumb, innocent, cute idiot just sat there and winked at me.

I can solely admit that I am JEALOUS of that DAMN DARIUS.


Darius tried to say something to me today. I shunned him because I didn't want to talk to him awkwardly, face to face.

I might as well send him a reply.



I might have been very rude to you in the past, and I cannot say that I am pleased with my behavior. Sorry for your inconvenience because of my furtive violence.

I do want to talk about the event that happened last session. About the Foxwell incident, you were a vunerable victim and you just so happened to be near me. I really hate people when they repeat what I say. It means mocking me in my language, so that is why I was overreacting. But even so, a wolf does not attack it's own allies. I shouldn't have attacked you and I sincerely apologize for my behavior.

And about today's incident, it was just a joke. I just thought you were kind of down today, so I wanted to cheer you up a bit. Guess you don't have Foxwell's style of humor. I would pay for the things you've lost. In the future, I hope I have convinced you enough to stay away from me. I know that I'm a cold hearted person, and the ones I care about (in a friendly way or romantically) could be in danger because of me. I wouldn't want you to stay close to the person that hurted a kid like Foxwell emotionally. So to protect you and my future, I have decided to stay as far from you.

You know that we're still in Heartbreak hotel, right? I think you get what I mean, don't you? The Mist has been affecting me. The Mist, Darius. Not Foxwell, not Camelot or anyone else in the team.

The same Mist that had made me push you into the wall and punch you. The very same one that made me burn and freeze the pen-case your mother left for you.

Please reply for the sake of my life. I consider you as an ally and wouldn't want to lose one,



Darius just gave me another vision. I sighed. He had told me to check my mail, and that a parcel would be waiting for me.

I can't wait to get it. Walking down twenty floors might be a good workout practise for me. 





I haven't experienced the feelings that you are having now, but I really hope you could overcome it. I really don't want to blame you for what happened, I too have thrown many pencil cases last year (but those are my friends' so they wouldn't mind). If those utilities wouldn't have been broken, I won't blame you for what has happened. But never mind, this accident has came to an end so let's just forget what has happened.

Referingg to what you have said about the 'ally' thingy, I will respect your thoughts towards this and wouldn't force you accept my thoughts towards different people. Anyways, I really hope you could overcome those bad feeling and be yourself.



I slept with horrid dreams tonight. Albyss had told me that the Devilare army were coming, and I had to tire my pretty, black angel wings to train Foxwell for the battle.

Another wound piercing my fragile heart. Great.

Thankfully the Darius/ Ivris pen-case war had ended. (I wouldn't want to argue with my battle ally, would I? Even I hated him, I should ignore him. Right?)

But then, would I have attecked Darius when the Mist wasn't present?

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