To Wish, To Dream

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

To Wish, To Dream has been written for the I Love Writing Club for the month of January with the prompt negative or sad dreams. Why not check out some of the other Writing Club stories?

They say that dreams have meanings
I'm not sure that's true
For what would my dreams mean?
When what I see is grey

I have dreamed of failure
More times than I have fingers to count
I have dreamed of those I love
And am sad to wake alone

I have dreamed I am with the stars
To find my bed too gravity bound
I have dreamed of being on stage
And my pillows no longer applaud

I have dreamed of sinking slowly into the sea
The enveloping depths a comfort
So when I wake and can still breathe
I wish to go back to fantasy
I wish that my tears could choke me
I wish, and dream of death.

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