To Care

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Explicit
Status: Complete

this doesn't even make sense I don't know what's happening here

to care, a verb
it means a lot to some
it means:
the love of my life,
my first born child,
my very best friend

it means:
too many feelings
putting out your heart
and watching it get staked through
over and over again

it means:
putting yourself on the line
for people who wouldn't
and taking their blows
and trying again and again
to please them and be the best you
for them

but what about once the emotion is gone
and a shell rots in the place of a heart
because then what
you care, you care, you care so hard
for so long
and as your life falls apart you watch
and try and hang on to pieces you lost

well not any more
because as I listen and hear you speak
I see the ashes
I see the wasteland of feeling
and I don't care
I see my life fall to shreds around me
and I don't care
I see things that were everything
become nothing

and what are we in the end?
who are we to care so much
for so little
and so many?
who would gladly stab you in the back
without a second glance or thought
no more
past caring, past feeling

let it all rot in hell
let the atoms return to the stars and dust
and see if I fucking care
see if I'll let it happen again

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