Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Explicit
Status: Complete

Sadness is tiring.

My feet are coated in tar
My mind is pulled by weights
That drag from my wrists
Strings tied from blood
Forwards is so hard to go

My smile tries to exist
My eyes tell a story
That I'm so very tired
Written in all the shadows
That haunt the cracks of my face

My heart has laboured beats
My lungs carry ragged breaths
That can't accept anything
They tell me nice things
But I know inside they're lying

I have no nice heart
I have no soft soul
I am metal and ice
Sharp and wounding
I don't deserve niceties

The rain that runs down my face
Is cold and fresh and maybe
Today I will be happy
Today my lips will learn but then
I don't believe in false hope

I don't believe in anything.

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