Tim the Traveler's Sea Adventure

Type: Original Stories

Rating: Safe

Status: Incomplete

Series: Tim the Traveler's Travels


Succeeding: Tim the Traveler in Outer Space

Chapter 1

Tim the Traveler was a young man who wanted to travel the world. Much of the sea had been unexplored, so he would go fix that by a little. He woke up one morning and bought a 1-person submarine to go and explore the sea. He needed more. The next day, he bought an underwater suit, a waterproof camera, a sleeping bag, food, water, and things to do if he got bored. That night he was so excited he could not sleep. So he got up out of bed and wrote to his pen pal in a feather pen:

Dear Billy,

I am so excited! I am going on an undersea voyage and I will find undiscovered land! I wish you could come. But you already told me you had that trip to the tropical island. Of course since I'll be underwater I won't be able to write you during my travels, but I'll summarize everything when I get back. How are you doing? Hey, would you like to meet me in person after the trip? Meet me at The Docks in about 2 weeks. I can't wait to meet you! Please write back soon.


Tim the Traveler

Now he was tired enough to get to sleep. He dreamed that he went on his undersea travels and saw Billy's island when he arose from the sea. He could not see Billy in the dream, but he somehow knew that it was the island he was on. He also dreamed about a talking pumpkin. When he woke up, he was so excited he was not even drowsy and he jumped up and down on his bed. He quickly took a bath and ate breakfast and then he jumped into his car and drove right at the speed limit (he changed his speed when the speed limit changed) and he eventually arrived at The Docks. He quickly packed all his stuff and put on his underwater suit and excitedly jumped into his sub.

Chapter 2

Tim dove down underwater in his submarine and took pictures of underwater. "I wish I could write to Billy about this right now, if only the letter wouldn't get soaked!" he said.

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