Things Lost in a Coffee Shop

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

Not my usual. Still quite nice though.

To lose the time
While all around lies the hustle
And bustle, and shuffling
And rustling, and laughing
And tapping, and rattling
And prattling;
In a blur the people move.

Just once I would wish
To greet a person on their way;
To tell them of their smile
And how it captured my gaze
Among the other smiles;
But a blink and they are gone.
Neither I know nor they;
And they make their way.

Lost among the noise
And the rattle and prattle
And the sifting and shifting
And clunking and thumping
And grinding and all the while
Minding one’s own business;
As the bitter smell of lives
Touched but never met;
Is lost as the time.

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