This is a Warriors fanfiction by Eevee.


Chapter 1

"Wake up, you lazy mousebrain!"

Turtletail opened his leaf-green eyes to the sound of his sister's always-demanding voice. "Yeah, Spottedfire? You need something?"

The calico she-cat stalked over to him, lashing her tail. "Yes, I need something. I need you to get out of your nest and go be useful!" she snapped. She nudged her brother to his paws, despite his mumbles of protest. "Go help Darkspots sort herbs or something."

Turtletail growled, "Why should I help him sort stupid herbs?" No one challenged Dovesong like he did. Mostly because no cat in any Clan challenged their deputy. But since she was his sister, it didn't really matter to him.

Dovesong hissed, "Because you slept through the patrol-sortings. Now go help Darkspots!"


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