Theme Park Of Total Destruction

Author: IRmjii
Type: Poem
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

A Poem By IRmjii

I'll give you 10 points and a cookie if you can guess which poem this was inspired by

My son, My son
Yes my dear son.
We shall go to the
Theme park today.
Come on now lets go
Or we will be forced to pay.

Free entry before nine
Other wise it will be a fine
It's an hour's drive
And the park closes after five.
But it's not a worry
But it's not a hurry
Yet it's a bit blurry
On my windscreen
Just needs a bit of a clean
On the trip to the Theme Park

Up and Down
Left and Right
Forward and Backward
As we move around the park
My son enjoying it
Me screaming a little bit
Through the rides of fury
And the food of destruction.
Laughing and joking,
In the Theme Park.

We went around the park
We went to the sharks.
Only made of rubber
And full of blubber.
It would have killed us
If it was real as a bus.
But we didn't seem to fuss
As we enjoyed the show
Even if we were slow.
As we went through the theme park

Up and Down
Left and Right
Round and Round
As we move around the park
My son loving it
And me covered in dog shit.
While we went on the rides of fury.
Avoiding the food of destruction.
Laughing and crying,
In the Theme Park.

Oh what an experience we had
I'm happy and even my son is glad.
It was painful at times
And had some of the longest queue lines.
Thank you theme park.
Thank you my son Mark.
We had one of the best times of our life
And laughed through the trouble and strife.
It was really great fun.
In the theme park.

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