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Charcommon was born in 2000 b.c. He was in line for the crown when his father, Kamaka, died. this is in Egypt, about a rebellion of the slaves and the people, led by an unlikely hero. 

chapter 1

Charcommon stared at the sun god, Amun-rah, rise in the sky. His father, Kamaka, was dead. He is in the underworld now. His heart was just. He shan't be eaten. 

He was distracted as his cat, Jade, named after her green eyes, rubbed against his leg and purred. Everyone in Egypt was supposed to own a cat in honor of Bastet, the cat goddess. 

As Charcommon stroked Jade he heard a servant enter, place something down, and leave. He turned around and saw a bowl of grapes. As Charcommon munched on them, he was aware that he would get his crown, staff, and title as a pharoah, at mid-day. 

Charcommon's wife sat neatly in the front of the crowd that was gathering for Charcommon's initiation. She watched as everyone sent their slaves into their quarters.

She had noticed that no one addressed her by her real name, only by 'Charcommon's wife.' She wanted to stand up and shout her name to the gods, "My name is Confloweria!" (name means flower of freedom) Little did everyone know, she was about to be the flower of freedom from tyranny. 

Chapter 2

Charcomon held his staff into the air and all the Egyptians cheered. He looked down at one person in particuar. His 2nd wife, Sarchama, stared back at him with longing. Why can't i be all yours? She asked with her eyes. 

Confloweria knew that Charcommon only married her for her undeniable wisdom. However, her hair, although sleek and shiny, was normal. Her eyes were brown. Her mouth was normal. She was the average beauty. As for Sarchama, she was gorgoues. No one denied it. But her head was as empty as a flowerpot. 

As Charcommon walked back into his house, a servant ran up to him. "Sir, the statues and pillars have been cleaned." The servant said, bowing. "Also," he said hesitantly, "the priests have discovered possible danger. You were drinking water, but it turned into blood in a dream."

Charcommon opened his mouth, shocked. "Um... I'm going to my room. Is the bed made?" "Yes sir," the servant answered instantly. "Good." as Charcommon climbed the stairs to his room, he thought about the omen. Oh well, no point of fretting. Besides i'm seeing my wife tommorow, and that's all that matters. 

Confloweria opened her eyes and saw Charcommon tiptoeing out of the bedroom. As soon as he was gone, she herself slipped out of bed, got dressed, and walked outside. The air was cold and uninviting. She held onto her Ankh, symbol of life, as she walked in the darkness. It would give Confloweria protection as Death stalked the streets, waiting for a victim to take to the underworld. 

Confloweria finally reached her destination. A slave's quarters. She tiptoed into the quarters and whispered, "Snake, I'm here." Snake opened his eyes and saw her face. He instantly stood up and scrambled outside. "Yes" he said breathlessly.

"I need you to tell your sister, Feather, to come to the Pharoah's house tommorrow, and say she has orders from me to meet me at the garden" Confloweria said briskly. Snake looked disappointed. "Okay" he murmered. "Now you should get back to sleep" Confloweria said. Snake nodded and dissappeared. Confloweria looked up at the sky. The sun god had been reborn and was lighting up the sky. It was time to go back.

Snake stared in wonder at Charcommon's wife. He loved her, he knew it was illegal for him to love an Egyptian, but he didn't care. She was beautiful to him. As the sun rose, a scribe hurried past on his way to work. A donkey stomped by, a load of fish on it's back. A man holding a lot of papyrus ran after the scribe shouting "hey! You dropped this!"

Snake's master, Hamanka, approached him. "Come on Snake. Please work. I don't like being cruel, but don't tempt me." "Yes sir" Snake said, flashing a grin. Hamanka chuckled. 

Feather ran as fast as she could to the Pharoah's house. She skidded on some mud and fell into the Nile. Someone laughed. She glared up at a scribe, laughing his head off at her.

Feather got so mad she couldn'y think. Suddenly she was throwing a gloppy handful of mud at the scribe. It hit him straight in the chest on his nice, clean, robe. His face turned purple.

Feather instantly reggretted what she did. Her brother, Snake, always told her to never insult anyone. Feather was known for her honesty and quick temper. Both got her in trouble a lot. Without apologizing, she got up and ran. 

Confloweria was sitting in the garden when she heard a commotion. Someone was yelling something that sounded like, "-refuse to let any muddy creatures into the house!"

"Look," Confloweria could tell Feather was trying to stay patient. "I was told I was to meet Charcommon's wife in the garden." "Yah right" the servant scoffed.

"Excuse me" Confloweria stepped forward. "Thank you for joining me Feather. Come to the garden." The servant's face turned white. "Oh... uh... oops" He muttered. 

"Go to hell"  Feather whispered as she walked by the servant. Then she purposly wiped her muddy hands on a pillar as she went by.

Charcommon walked out of his house. As he passed, people bowed their heads. He walked straight towards the scribe house. The smell of papyrus and the sound of scratching quills was peaceful. He noticed one of the scribes had mud on his robe. "What is up?" Chacommon asked angrily. "Well, it's a long story" the scribe began. "So i was walking along the Nile when...."

"I'll try to get you the spot" Confloweria said. "Thank you" Feather replied, still in shock. "Now go home" Confloweria said cheerfully. "Okay" Feather ran out of the house. confloweria sat back and smiled. 

chapter 3

Confloweria waited until Charcommon was home to start supper. " So today a slave" Charcommn said in between bites, "was throwing mud at a scribe." "Who the hell would do such a thing?" Confloweria inquired, shocked. "Just Feather, a common slave. She's in custody right now. May the gods damn her to eternity"

Confloweria nearly choked on her bread. "What?" she exclaimed. "She's going to go on trial tommorrow."Charcommon continued. "W-what are the penaties?" Confloweria hadly dared to ask. "The punishment can be either death or severe pain." Charcommon said bluntly. Confloweria didn't eat another bite. 

Feather stared at the wall of her cell. They have to let me out she thought desparatly. I was provoked. Then she pictured the Judge's face and what he would say. You're a slave. I don't care if you were provoked. Feather could see in her mind the Judge shouting "guilty!" and she felt sick. 

Snake paced back and forth. He didn't believe the news that his sister had thrown mud at a scribe. Feather  was smarter than that. I will get revenge on Charcommon's wife. She caused this. If she hadn't called for feather... but yet she's so beautiful. No i will not stay mad at charcommon's wife. she is too amazing. 

Charcommon dreamt that the sky was raining blood, and the Sphinx was crumbling to dust before his eyes. Seth and Death were striking panick into everyone's heart's. Charcommon awoke to a start, covered in sweat.

Confloweria applied her makeup and put on a beautiful gown. It looked so wrong for what she was going to do. A trial should not be dress up day. She tought sadly as she zipped up the back. She and Charcommon walked out of the house and towards the trial house. 

Feather trembled as all of Egypt sat in front of her. the Pharoah and his wife sat in the front on royal chairs. Feather tried to catch Confloweria's eye, but the queen was staring at the ground sadly. As the court came to order, Feather clutched her Ankh, praying to every god for protection.

Maat, the goddess of truth and justice, heard feather's plea. As Maat owned the feather of truth that Feather was named after, the goddess begged Death to spare Feather. 

Feather was found guilty and her sentence was about to be given when Confloweria stepped forward. "people of Egypt. please spare Feather. She is a good worker and an honest slave. I suggest that instead of killing her, give her to me and I will teach her how to control her temper." 

The Judge came to a decision. "Very well," he said in a deep voice, "I will spare you Feather, and intrust Charcommon's wife to teach you manners. court dismissed." 

chapter 4

The Nile is flooding. The feast that comes when the Nile floods is happening. 

Feather carefully applied the makeup on Confloweria's face. She then procceeded to place the oil on top of Confloweria's head. The oil will melt later in the day. All Egyptians do it. As Confloweria surveyed herself in the mirror, Feather looked out the window. Gods, it was chaos.

However, as the royal family walked (or in Charcommon's case, strutting) through the crowd, everyone split to make room. Charcommon slipped off to see his other wife, Confloweria started a conversation, and Feather left to find Snake. 

Chacommon saw Sarchama standing near the Nile, drinking wine. Charcommon gestured to a perfect little stone to sit on. they sat down and Sarchama started to poison his mind. "Really, you shouldn't be so nice to people. show them how tough you can really be." Sarchama's voice was so convincing, and her eyes sparkled so beautifully that Charcommo had to give in. "very well," he agreed.

Confloweria looked at the prize fish that the fisher had caught. "damn this is big!" she murmered, more to herself than the fisher. "it's a beauty, isn't it?" the fisher asked. "How much for it?" Confloweria asked. "Well, usually I'd say about 10 cents. but since your a lady and a queen, I'll give it to you for free." the fisher replied kindly. "Thank you," Confloweria said breathlessly.

Feather walked quickly through the crowd, trying to find Snake. When she spotted him, she walked right over and tapped him on the shoulder. Snake nearly jumped out of his skin. "oh, er... hi Feather. Meet my friend, Music." "hello" Feather said. Music was beautiful. her hair was lush and she seemed ready to do anything to impress Snake. "Well, I need to leave. See you both around." 

Snake stared at Confloweria, then at Music. He was torn between the fact that he loved Charcommon's wife, and the fact that Music was more likely to love him. Snake walked carefully around people, trying to reach Confloweria. She came staggering up to him, holding a giant fish. "Woah" Snake exclaimed. "Yeah, it's great, but so heavy." "Er... I could carry it." Snake said helpfully. "Thanks," Confloweria said gratefully. Snake picked up the fish and they walked side by side to the Pharoah's house. 

Charcommon was laying in the garden, dipping his feet into the Nile, when he saw a common slave walk into the house with a big fish. The slave came out again and walked calmy off. Charcommon was instantly suspicous. He got up and followed the man, pretending he wasn't. 

chapter 5

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