My name is Idontremembermynameatall. My mother is Idontremembermymotheratall. My family is Idontremembermyfatheratall, Idontremembermysisteratall, and Idontrememberanythingatall. Actually, I just went through surgery. The surgeons removed part of my brain causing problems, but now I don't remember anything. And the only language I remembered was French. I had lost use of my right leg, which is why I use a crutch on my right side. My left eye is halfway blind. I also get multiple migraines a day.

"Je me sens malade," I groaned. "Je me sens pire que pire."

"You're bound to feel like that!" snapped the nurse. "It took two days for us to do this!"

"Attendez! Ceci est l'hôpital!" I exclaimed. "Ma mère, mon père, mes amis et ma famille, mes tantes, oncles, frères et sœurs! Je me souviens. Mais... mais ne suis-je désormais inutile je suis un infirme? Je peux seulement demi-voir sur mon côté gauche et ma jambe droite ne fonctionne pas, et je avoir cette prothèse de pied stupide." I wailed with pain." Et je reçois ces migraines stupides."

Ugh. I barfed on the floor and then I fell unconscious. I think it was a day later when I woke up. I barfed again, had a migraine, and said "Je ne veux pas retourner à l'école moyenne."

My twin Elaine started losing her sight three years ago due to a cancer-like disease. We don't know what it's called yet, but she just lost her sight two days ago and needs hearing aids. Plus she's so weak I push her around in a wheelchair. "Les fauteuils roulants sont stupides," I snorted.

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