The Way it is Series

Author: Leopard
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
The Way It Is logo


Willows will weep, and the Dawn Sky will be stained with the blood of many...

DawnClan and DuskClan are rivals in the forest; they have been fighting each other forever. DuskClan's old leader has fallen, and with a new leader they step up the game. Newleaf promises new kits, Greenleaf promises new allies, Leaf-fall promises new enemies, Leafbare promises war. Blood will be shed.


  1. Newleaf of DawnClan - In Progress
  2. DuskClan's Greenleaf - Unstarted
  3. Leaf-fall in GingerClan' - Unstarted
  4. The War of Leafbare - Unstarted


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