The Suns and Stars, by ChalastairXMalec

Young Magnus Bane didn't know why people looked at him oddly. He thought for years that it had been because he stood out in personality, but that wasn't it. His clothes? No, he wore average clothes for that era.

Then he looked at himself in the mirror. Magnus had eyes like a cats, which he found cool, although his parents did not.

"Look at yourself, Magnus," his father would say. "That's unnatural. Go clean up."

He thought that this would be the end. He's never be normal.

One day, Magnus lost his mother. He never knew how come. It was hard on him, as he was just ten years old, but he consealed his feelings.

His father, one day, tried to drown him after school. Magnus held his hands out to his father, and then the father was gone. For good.

Magnus was later taken in by Silent Brothers, who he thought must've been cold if they were wearing such heavy coats. He acted up often on a daily basis with a few of his friends, like Ragnor Fell and Catarina Loss, who lived nearby. The three of them led adventures and expeditions to look for (and once in a while torment) faeries.

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