1. Clouds of Hatred

Darkness. In a cave deep below the earth, a young girl centuries old gazed into a Seeing Scope, a special telescope made to see the surface.

The girl looked like any angel, but she was banished beneath the Earthen surface for her father's severe crime in the angel kingdom, the Sky Kingdom, located in the clouds, invisible to people.

The girl knew how the clouds worked. She knew that when the angel queen, who was currently Queen Lumatra, was angry, it would storm, especially when she was EXTREMELY angry. When she was calm, the weather would be clear, with not a cloud in sight. 

There had been a large storm that had flooded low cities on the coast of Earth when the girl was banished. That was when the Storm of the Spirits happened. It was a great storm, a large storm. There were many deaths. But others struggled against the clouds.

The sky was spotless, and the Queen Saline III was drifting peacefully towards the coast of the Tribelands. Queen Saline of England was giving away some of her best horses, including Natika and Sitika.

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