Starlight shimmered just out of reach.As the old professor lowered his hand,he knew she would be there.Soon.

His hands felt the old gnarled wood of his staff for what he knew was the last time.Murmuring a few words of farewell,he handed the stick to his companion.The boy's eyes filled with fear.

“Professor,I can't-"He began.

The old man silenced him.“You can and will.I must leave you now."Hoofbeats rang behind him.“Take it.It will guide you."

The boy nodded and ran,holding the oak staff in his right hand.The professor watched as she stepped out of her chariot.

“I have waited to meet you."She said.

He said nothing.She took a sword,a long,ice-blue blade about two and a half feet - much shorter than the blade the professor's teacher had used,but sufficient for the short woman who stood before him now.

“You'll never find him."The professor said determinedly.

The woman smiled.“I will,in time.He cannot hide.I will find him."

She lifted the blade,and the Professor said no more.

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