The Saviour

Author: Danrah
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress

Author's Note

The Saviour
The Saviour
Date Added 9th January 2015
Status On Going
Genre Young Adult

Hello! This is the second story I'll be uploading on here. I've uploaded this story elsewhere too and got about 460+ reads, which is really not much to boast about where I uploaded it lol, but I hope I'll get better readers here. I haven't written many chapters (at all) and will have to edit the ones I've already written before uploading them, and I'm not really the most job less person these days so updates will probably be sluggish.

The story is a good one I think, but I'm the author here so I may be a little bias haha. Please read on. The synopsis sounds a little meh, but it gets better, I promise :D


Set in dystopian Europe, 500 years in the future. There are no more countries. No governments. People are back to the scratch, scattered around in small groups called Communities. Every Community is on its own. No one trusts anyone outside their Community. A century ago all Communities had come together to fend their freedom against a great threat, a Community that wished to take over, cause chaos, Fitaneer. But as time had it, the war was over, the damage done by the Great War was mended. Fitaneer was defeated, destroyed. Never to be seen again.

Or so they thought.

As Communities carry on, oblivious to their presence, Fitaneer resurfaces. And this time victory will be theirs.

List of Chapters

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