The Pig Chronicles 1 Birth of Pork

Author: Flanimal4114
Rating: safe
Status: In Progress
Series: Pig Chronicles
Preceding: NA
Succeeding: Wars of Pork

This a story of pigs at war

The Pig Chronicles

Chapter 1: Beginning of the Pork

The king, Edward, stood on the polished stone walls of his kingdom, his hands supporting him self. He looked over the vast hilly land scape. The oranges and pinks and reds of a setting sun filled the sky and clouds. The soft warm wind  blew the flowers pollen over the land ever so peacefully.

Edward got up and strolled slowly, in the last rays of the sun, to his hill top castle where his throne room was, the gold of his castle shone golden light  through out the city below that’s families were finishing there dinners. The smell of pork filled the air. It was the celebration of 100 years since the pig armies were defeated. Tomorrow the parade would run for 7 days, but that night was one to remember all who died fighting in those battles.

Edward walled in to his palace and  sat on his throne before going off to bed and falling asleep to the smell of happiness.

Many kilometres away an other smell empire of navy ships and castles rang with the sound of a tremendous feast! James raised a glass of the finest beer to his rowdy companions, that sat around the table, and offered a toast to there naval empire. The smell of beer and pork crackling and the sound of raucous laughter and loud voices along with continues munching of food was every were. The place would have looked to be in utter chaos to an out sider.

James stood to speak “brothers!” He began “many years ago our good peoples defeated the pig armies. and many died doing so. tonight we celebrate there victories! Three cheers for all who fort in the wars! Hip hip!”

“HURRAY!”The crowed burst out nilly throwing james off his seat.

“Hip hip!”




Drinks splashed and food flied into the air as the celebration continued LONG into the night...

Thomas woke, after James long celebration last night he had fallen well asleep. He looked around at his peculiar surroundings, test tubes, a fallen Bunsen Burner, some rats and plants along with a bright white light that burnt Thomas's eyes. Then he remembered the very unique smell, it was his um... lab... James really knew how to through a party!

The chemicals were spilt and eating at the floor with a tremendous hiss sound and the smell of burning plastic! Thomas look around the room that was in chaos and decided he could clean up later. He had more urgent work to do and needed to tell James.

He found James doing his daily chores of, sharpening swards, giving a speech to the troops, and punching the grass. It indeed was a great day for the parade, that the kings of the land were hosting.

Thomas had better things to do in this sunny cloudless spring weather. It was still cold down south for it was only spring, so the cool weather kept the ice on the lake solid. so he had to go now before the shinning sun melted the pure lake ice that held the most precious cargo.

“James” Thomas said, James looked up from his grass punching with a slightly irritated and questioning face.


“We have been sent a shipment of supplies from the south and I need to get it before the ice melts on the lake”

“OK , you go, I’ll stay here and represent us in the parade at snowy stone down south, we may run into each other on the way?!”

“Thank you James”

“Thats king James” James replied with a smile.

Thomas looked out of the castle over the ocean to the south. The morning sun glistened on the 

water and the smell of salt filled the air.

“I love the ocean” Thomas said almost sad. A sea gull flew over head squawking its morning 

tune and then circling before landing peacefully on a rock.

Thomas walked out of the castle from the south gate, that was coated in gold and much

glory, and onto the white polished walkway that split in two directions. One followed on to the court room and the other to down the hill on which the castle sat. The walk way was not long, 20 meters max, so Thomas was soon scuttling down the stairs that led to the southern most farms. He would soon be out on his horse riding with the wind, going to conquer other enemies and save some goodies...  but most importantly,win and get rich (and be awesome, da!) 

Edwards spies had been up north scouting the pure land untouched and were to return shortly.Edward sat on his golden throne waiting for them to arrive. It was a fine day so there was no reason they should be late. Edward was growing impatient, for it was already ten o’clock! They should have been back!

The door squeaked open, then was flung open.It was not the spies, but at least the next best thing. A messenger, and next to him was king Richard and king/assistant king, Robin, together the trio had successfully ruled the land, Edward , Richard, and Robin were a, nearly, unstoppable force! And ruled the land to peace.

“Ello Ed,” Robin said in a almost to casual way “hows it?!”

“Get to the point,” Edward sighed

“Good news or bad news?” Richard said

“Whats the bad.”

“Well your spies were out at an unusual package on the ice, and will not be back for some time”

“Good news?”

“We brought cake,” Robin joked.

‘Oh well’ Edward thought, ‘at least there being productive.’ 

“Would you care to stay for lunch?” Edward offered.

“No time! the parade starts in half an hour! We gotta get ready!” Robin replied before walking with hast out of the castle dragging Richard by the hand, who rather was a pinch hungry.

The castle once again was silent, and the soft noses echoed. No one was there besides Edward and the guards.

Nothing had happened for 100 years , this small box stake out was just enough excitement for him  to get his armor and sword on for the first time since the fight for mount Hills Burg and the ended with less the two casualties and no winner after every one chickened out of the fight!

It was then he decided to ride to the box and see his spies...

Thomas’ white armor  glistened as he rode through the too glistening snow, past majestic trees and beneath the crystal sky. The snow was still fluffy and flouted down from the trees like ting white clouds. The bright sun was warm in the light and the snow was begging to, sadly, melt. Icicles from nights before hung majestically from the tree branches and too were about to start to melt.

He slowed his horse, thats bright silver armer shone against the snow, and seamed to go nicely together. He was at he lake , flat as a pancake, the ice had not yet melted in the Spring weather. On the other side he could make out the out line of the box, although the reflection off the ice blinded him from seeing the details. It was right where he thought it would be at, the river mouth that opened to the lake . In summer it joined all the way up to the, from there, north sea, that Thomas so ever loved .

Something wasn't right in the peaceful land, something unnatural. Thomas Pressed on around the lake for his horse would struggle on the ice. So he was forced to to go around on the snow that too was somewhat difficult.

Suddenly! Thomas stopped in his tracks.

Edward rode only 100 meters from Thomas but neither knew of the other. Edward was on his black war horse too, and it thundered through the snow and hit the majestic iceicals off the trees, that fell and shattered. He had followed the river north from snowy stone, and now could see box. It looked like a normal box about a meter long and half thick, with iron strips holding it well and strong from any weather or treatment. It was chained shut, with a padlock of steel.

‘A shipment must have placed it here last Autumn and the owner hasn't come to get it due to the immense cold and the snow storms of the southern winter,’ Edward thought of the snow storms that he knew oh to well. ‘But now it was a wonderful land and the owner must be coming to get it soon.’

Out of no where a cross bow was pointed at his head! He looked down out of the corner of his eye at the cloaked figure that was holding the cross bow.

“Edward?!” The spy burst out in unbelief.

“Yes , I came to check on your work here” Edward said rather irritated and proud.

The archer lowered his crossbow sheepishly and looked down before apologizing for nearly shooting Edwards head off. The archer spy signaled for Edward to followed, then walked at a fast and stealthy pace off through the snowy wonderland and off to the stakeout.

All it was, was a simple wall surrounding a hole and logs, covered by ferns and branches but in side it was almost warm. To the left (that was facing the lake) sat an oven and food stuffs. On the far wall sat weapons and to the right 5 scouts sat around a makeshift table, and on it sat a map and papers of much importance. The whole room smelt of fire, smoke and old paper.

“Whats happening with the box then?” Edward asked.

“We’re leaving it there as a trap for the owner, we think there are weapons in it, so we must be extremely careful of who ever is selling, buying or carrying these goods,” the scout said looking up from his papers. Something snapped outside.

Thomas had tried to stay quiet as he lay listening, or at least trying to listen, to the conversation inside the small hole like hut. Someone important had just arrived and he was going to attempt to kill him, Thomas! But that was all he could make out. He had wriggled closer to get a look, but had snapped a twig. Now they knew he was there.

He drew his sword and prepared to attack. His sword was fine sharpened steel-silver and had a golden and ruby  in crusted handle that shimmered and sparkled.

He had to attack now!

Sward out, he jumped on and through the roof with a splintering crash as it fell in upon the scouts below. Thomas was momentarily startled by the crash but soon got to his feet, but not before a scout. The scout smashed with his sword at Thomas but Thomas spun around with his sword, and both swords met with a sparking clash. Both men pushed at each other with the swords met in a stalemate.

Edward pushed a log off himself and drew his sword before charging at the fight. Out of nowhere a big black horse jumped on top of him winding him and with a minor concussion.  The poor scout turned to see his master but was knocked down cold by the blunt end of Thomas’s sword.

Now was Thomas's chance! He scrambled out of the hole and ran for the box.

he slipped on the ice... just missing a arrow from Edwards bow...

Edward loaded an other shot and fired just missing Thomas's head.

“Don't let him get away!” Edward screamed whilst loading his next shot into his bow. One of the last three, including Edward , scouts ran out his short iron sword in hand, and his dagger ready.

   Thomas was hiding now behind the box as an other arrow hit the box. One of the scouts was running at him. So he drew his sword ready for a fight. The scout jumped over the box sword out. Thomas had his sword out and pointing up so when the scout landed the two swords skimmed each other with a chipping screech before thomas sword went thorough the scout, but only a skim so the scout did not die. The scout’s sword got flung out of his hand severed much flesh  off Thomas shoulder and ripping to pieces his armer. Then they both fell and the scouts head hit the ground smashing through some thin ice whist Thomas fell denting the ice with the indent of his head.

   Edward fired a shot before dropping his bow and running out with his trusty sword. His armer indented from the horses hooves so that it would no longer give to him much protection.

Thomas stood to face Edward in a fight to the death on the icy lake. Thomas’ eyes fixed on Edward, he steadied his grip on his sword.

Edward ran at him, but before they could fight Edward went through the ice with a crash that echoed through out the forest.

His sword lay dripping on the ice as he scrambled to grab at it. Thomas picked it up and through it to the box. Edward went under again before surfacing and grasping for air. His damaged armer was falling off him as he kicked at it and pulled what was left off so he could stay afloat. His brown hair was sodden and dripping with a mix of blood, water, sweat and ice. He grabbed onto the side of his icy hole and peered up at Thomas’ angry and pitiful face.

Edward had fallen...

   Thomas had now taken Edward captive. On his horse his supplies of rare skins, rubies, crystals and weapons namely a battle mace and a small 5kg of gun powder. With all of that was the most important thing of all... a piece of pork in a hard orange transparent dragon blood tree sap. It used to be every were in Dragon Blood but after the pork men got it it was all taken. This very rare piece of pork and sap was found in a old Pig castle in a secret room that had been walled off even before the pork wars began 150 years ago. Thomas had ordered it to see and experiment on it and find some key answers to the pig armies success. he was also very fascinated by the writing on it:

“7 leaders, 7 pork, when together and broken apart will be unstoppable, invincible and lead the pork forever...” It was a riddle of some kind. Thomas had to know what out what it meant, for it was piquing his insatiable curiosity.

   Edward walked at the end of a rusty chain that had been over the box. Now Thomas sat on Edwards horse ,next to his own horse, pulling Edward along himself.

“So state your name prisoner!” Thomas demanded 

Edward thought for a split second, then, in order to protect him self from Thomas finding out he had the king of Snowy Stone prisoner, he said:

“Im Eduardo, scout and carpenter of my small town.” Edward said and Thomas bought it!

“Where is your village and who rules it?”

Edward had no reply for he was the ruler of Snowy Stone!

“Last time, where is your village and who's the ruler !” Thomas grew impatient.

“OK then” Thomas said surprising Edward “I’ll make you speak...”

Chapter 2: Birth of the pork.

Thomas and Edward walked through the,now, not snowy, but sludgy forest thats vegetation had started to regrow. They had walked for three hours and now they were but only one kilometer away from Dragon Blood.

Edward prepared for the torture and possible death that lay beyond the walls. He never should have gone looking for adventure, now he was going to be interrogated  and his kingdom captured. His life was over and all that he had worked for , even if he did live. He had gone from king to slave, or even lower.

The guards opened the gates and Thomas led Edward through into the city. They had gone through the southwest entrance into the town so many of the wooden houses had curious people looking out upon them. Children stopped playing and stared. The guards ushered them away from Thomas and Edward so to not cause trouble. But most people were at snowy stone at the parade, so was James in fact.

“So what is this place?” Edward asked.

“Dragon Blood, the mightiest kingdom of all the world!” Thomas replied with much pride(and rolling the “r” and other stuff to make it sound more awesome)

They walked in silence. At least it was warmer here Edward thought because it gets very cold down south in Snowy Stone. 

Thomas led Edward through before running to a guard stationed near by.

“Get the torture chamber ready” he said “And make shore it is well guarded!”

The guard ran off with much hast whilst Thomas and Edward walked at a reasonable pace in a similar direction.

They were walking along the water front now, by the docks. Thomas longed to be at sea. He dreamed of having his own kingdom at sea. Thomas looked to the west where the evening sun sparkled along the water. Thomas thought how good his life really was compared to some. He then swore to him self to bring justice to all and bring hope no matter what. That would change the world forever...

They walked into the hill fortress that housed the lab  and many other rooms that did not quite belong in the city or castle, such as the infamous torture room that was used manly to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

They stopped and Thomas ran off and found a place for the pork piece that had endured its long journey from Krop to The south lake and now to Dragon Blood.

   The torture room is bad but not to bad for it is not to kill or torture really but to get information out of spies. what happened to Edward did not hurt him at all but angered him and his anger and stubbiness drove him to the point no one should go. Edward was dragged to his cell. By the end Edward had tolled Thomas every thing, he had sang like the birds outside. Now Thomas knew how valuable his prisoner was... But most importantly... that Snowy Stone had now declared war on Dragon Blood.

   James and Robin and Richard where having a jolly good time at the parade. James had offered a speech on behalf of Dragon Blood but most importantly :THE FOOD! It was superb with wild bore on a spit and many wild game of all sort. The children sold and gave cookies and gingerbread! And best of all the caramelized pork!

The pond was a great piece to the thing of joyful signing and laughter.

Richard approached James who was happily receiving his 100,000,000 cookie.

“James, Um king James?”

“No no no, just james”

“Yes, James, would you like to come back to the castle for dinner after the parade?”

“well most certainly, that would be cracking. But i must not stay out to late as we do tomorrow continue the festivities at Dragon Blood, and i do say the place is still in a bit of a shambles so i must get back to finish up with everything!”

“Well tomorrows tomorrow but today let us feast”

they all continued. At three fingers from sunset James, Robin and Richard all walked out north  though the now closing city, on its cobble paths to the massive castle of Robin Richard. Its tall towers had views more extraordinary than any other city in the known world. You could see far over the snowy wonderland and nearly to the south sea (Which was east of them in fact)

They walked up to the high castle on the hill and looked at the wonderful sunset before going into what was the storage room but had a feast on it, and every knight ruler and VIP sat around.

Edward sat in his cell slowly recovering from his “interrogation” as it was being called but it seemed to him more like torcher. they had not found his last weapon luckily that he had concealed so well. He pulled up a small knife from his boot where he had put it on his way back from the “interrogation” room. He then hid it up his sleeve so that at a flick of his curled fingers he could pull down the blade and slash at any enemy or in this case his captors. now all he had to do was execute his plan.

“guard, guard!” he called “May you be so kind as to give a prisoner the right of having just a single glass of water?”

The guard walked up his armor glistened as he walked through the dim light in the dungeon. He had now fell for it, the guard not knowing what was about to happen and that that prisoner was the now most dangerous person in the world. Criminals have that way, that they can trick and deceive all they want and all ways get away with it, or thats how it seem, but as if it was some kind of energy the criminal runs out of cunning and deception and is killed, and that is how it always seems to be.

the guard about to hand the glass of water to the prisoner felt a sharp pain and before long was on the floor he lay there a time but then the look of life left his eyes and it was apparent to edward that he was dead.

Edward hid his knife once more in his sleeve as he had before. the dead guards had still with the glass shattered over his hand, had dropped the keys on the floor just with in arms reach. the key was drenched in blood but Edward didn't care he was about to feel freedom once again. He grabbed the keys with little to no difficulty . opening the door he knew there was no time for anything but his escape. He ran. Right for the door of the cell block that leaded to the stairs that he had noted earlier had not a single guard. Sliding out of the stairs across the storage room floor he smashed into a container shattering glass and wood all over him the polished stone floors had been more slippery than he had expected. then the pork piece came down on him.

Thomas drew his sword from its place and ran out of the castle towards the sene, he had been ready for something he could tell a dangerous soldier like that could not be not be held like a dam that holds a constant flow of water will one day fall. 

He faced the injured Edward who was unarmed and week from lack of care, the battle would be seem to be easy to Thomas, a simple execution of a king. jumping the stairs before him he stepped in the room. Around him lay guards deed and alive, Thomas’ brain set on something did not see that an  unarmed prisoner had just killed 20 odd armed soldiers of the kings guard, nor did he see that the pork piece was now being observed into EEdward..

Thomas asked for his bow.

He shot at Edward.


Edward laughed an evil laugh not heard from him ever before.

“I am invincible!” he cried half in surprise and half taunting Thomas “now its my turn!”

Edward ran at thomas with his little knife as if it were a mighty sword.  Thomas ready his sword. edward jumped at Thomas. Thomas’ sword hitting Edwards face and Edward's dagger smashing Thomas’ shoulder. Edward unhurt an for the gate 

“I am Ed and you can not kill me, one day you shell bow to the pork!”

Then he was gone.

Thomas lay wounded on the floor. Blood squirted from his wound every beat of his hear blood would flow squirting all over the stone floor.

Edward or now Ed, had escaped. Thomas was scared but the lack of blood caused him not to think straight which at the time would got be such a bad thing see that his life was in danger and there was a crazy person on the loss, at this point any normal person would go mad not knowing what to do.

The guards ran and with a doctor tried to stop the bleeding from the wound that seemed to be so small but now was so big and powerful. The blood kept flowing.

Thomas passed out.

Back at snowy stone  James, Robin and Richard drank and ate like kings, that they rightly where. The massive table surrounded with laughing people and happy faces. The food smelt so good and the music was superb. James was now dizzy and so much so that they had to drag him to a room. The room was full of books and who ever lived there liked reading James had thought before he dozed off to sleep.

Waking up hours later to the sound of knocking at the door, he opened an eye and yawned. he slid off the blankets and sheets that had covered him on to the floor and slowly sat up his leg over one side of the bed.he sat there for some time before the knocking came again.

“King James!, King James!” the voice crier out from behind the door.”King James! Thomas is badly injured!”

James woke up out of his slumber and slipped on his sandals, for that was all that needed putting on after he had went to be fully clothed. He ran to the door and yanked it open.

The startled massager stood there for a second for he was only young and did not think that at any time he would meet the king in person.

“King James, Thomas is hurt bad after a fight with an unknown enemy. He wont stop bleeding and we fear he might not make it!”

“Who is responsible for this crime?” JAmes asked “Well tell me man”

“umm umm, well we think its umm well the rumor is that umm”

“Spit it out!” 


James pushed past the man and went down the stairs with grate hast, the spiral stair case with paintings all over the wall seemed to take for ever pushing past the maids and workers. james walked out of the castle onto the main deck where a worker had said he had seen the kings and shore enough there was robin and Richard bent over the bashed up Edward or now, Ed.

Richard was trying to get Ed to speak, and to find out what had happened. But as soon as he saw James a wicked smile ran across Ed’s face and he spoke for the first time since Robin found him out side the city gate.

“You did it” Ed cried but still with a wicked smile on his face “He did this to me, but now...” Ed stopped and thought and then his smile changed to a proud and powerful smile of some one tormenting an enemy, “but now i am the most powerful being in this world, and you can not stop me. The pork is giving me power”

All was said as if not to the people in front of him but beyond them as if they where not there and where just hearing in on a distant conversation with something not here.

Ed grabbed Richard by the neck of his shirt and pulled him close to him saying “Richard you will kill him and defend me, then you will assist me to find the perfect pork by going to the always and releasing the porks”

James had run to the corridor to wait for them to go before he made his way to the gate of the city in his dark cloak so not one should see him and say “it is the king” for he would be reveled to the enemy.

Thomas was recovering, the bleeding had stopped and he was reading some old scrolls on the pork pieces and all the Porkish Wars.

He had found the book of pork telling of the leader of the pork being human and not of a pork persons appearances but pork inside, the porks leader had been invincible and had sent armies of pork soldiers on all who tried to stop him. It was some how all connected and that the pork pieces the pork soldiers and the invincible leaders they all where connected, but very little was said and very little was recovered in the book as many pages where missing and it was all in Suilla.

One thing was written at the end of every page as it was on the pork piece Thomas had found, but not in Suilla but an ancient language of the ancient people:

“septemque duces septem porco , dum simul erit invincibilis non prohibere posset: et regere suilla aeternum”

meaning “ seven leaders, seven pig(s), when together will be invincible (unstoppable) and rule the pork forever”

This ticked over and over in thomas’ head until he came to the conclusion that there where 7 things that needed to be destroyed or taken from 7 leaders of pork.

Far away Ed had taken Richard and Robin to docks where the storage area lay. The docks where a huge complex with ships every where taking supplies people soldiers and weapons. It was all made of a form of concrete, making it look plain when no one was there, but that did not very often happen and the docks where normally flowing with people.

There was very little crime any where ever so there was only 30 soldiers at the docks incase of any thing needing assistance. 

Ed walked into the main storage block where a huge iron ring the size of a house lay. It shone with white light but had a black tint to it and was stronger than iron.

“Its what is called steel, made from pig iron. Inside that steel ring is pig iron and all that is needed now is a ruby of the size of a mans hand. Bring me one.”

At once fearing this new person Ed who was no longer the Edward he knew, he grabbed the ruby need by and handed it to Ed.

Ed then paced it in the steel ring. At once the ring shone with light only Ed could look at.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before walking into the portal. Laws of physics broke as soon as Ed lay foot into the portal. Richard and Robin shock in fear as the universe expanded around them tearing apart any thing with in 10 km of the place. Ships flew into the air and the water burst into flames!

People ran for there lives every where, some where shot into the air others made it to safety. It felt like a tornado was eating the docks and then spitting it out.

Then out of no where it stopped.

Everything fell burning and everyone dropped into unconsciousness. Ed was no where to be seen and the docks where unrecognizable.

Thomas ran to the city gates

(INCOMPLETE will be finished/ continued VERY SOON)

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