"Sniper! Get down!" Someone yelled over the comms. I kept my eye on the group, about 100 yards in front of me.

"Ginger 1-1 you got tangos moving in on your left." I whisper into the mic. I place my crosshairs over a tango and lightly squeeze the trigger. The bullet exits the chamber and lodges itself inside my enemies chest. He quickly keels over and dies in the foliage.

"Logan! Your right!" I hear over the mic. AK47 and M4A1 fire is exchanged as tangos slowly enter the viscidity. I move my cross hairs over my squad; of whom I'm providing over watch for. They are huddled in a square-like formation inside a small barrier of boulders. The area around us is all forest, however most of it is dead as the cold air wisps by me as I place my crosshairs on the chest of an enemy and pull the trigger. He falls backwards, clutching the newly found hole in his chest.

"Shit! Left side! Left side! DAKOTA!" I hear. I move my crosshairs over the squad again.

"Man down! The Sergeant's down!" I hear. I look down and see a body with his back against the rocks, clutching his chest.

"Logan we have to move!" I yell, firing off another shot, it brushes against an enemy before he takes a shot gun shot to the head.

"Overlord this is Ginger 1-1, we are over run! The area is compromised! Get us the hell out of here!" Logan yells over the radio. I hear static then a deep voice come through.

"Ginger 1-1 we have a QRF enroute to your position. ETA 7 mikes." Overlord responds.

"Bloody useless BOOTS!" Dakota yells over the mic.  "We'll be dead by then!" He finishes. He is holding an M9, taking pot shots at any enemies at a closer proximity.

I continue firing, reloading when I need to and adjusting when the time comes. I'm about to put my eye on the sights again when I hear a gun cock behind me, and multiple footsteps approach from behind. In broken English and a thick Russian accent I hear, "Drop weapon and turn slow American." I comply and slowly turn around, my hands over my head.

"Ginger 1-2 make your way to the LZ point. We're moving out." I hear, I bring my voice down to a very light whisper. "Happens I guess.." and I swing my hand down to my pistol holster on my waist, whipping it out and taking a shot at the lead man. I nail him in the arm and he clutches it. I take a shot at the man next to him, hitting him in the chest and then another shot at the woman behind them. They open fire and I scurry down the pile I was using as a support for my rifle. Bullets bounce off rocks, and pierce through the dirt, making little spots around my body their home.

"Andrew? Andrew what was that? Shit I think Andrew's position is compromised." I hear. I block the sound of the radio in my ear and only hear a light muffle "Overlord this is Ginger 1-2 we-" I slide down the hill on my back. Shooting up to suppress anyone dumb enough to poke their head out. As I get down the hill I quickly leap to my feet. Taking aim at a someone turning from behind a tree. I pull the trigger, only to hear a click and my guns chamber shoots backwards.

"Oh fuc-" Bam! Bam! Bam bam bam! One, two, three, four, five. That's how many shots I counted as I keeled over, clutching my side before my face slammed onto the soft ground. I can hear multiple people speaking in the background in a different language, as well as my team leader over the radio before the world quickly darkened around me.

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