The Maze Runner

Author: Berglund

Type: Fan Fictions

Rating: Moderate

Status: Working progress

Series: The Maze Runner

Chapter one

Her eyes flickered ,

She stared up at the top of a box,

A giant metal crate.

The gears pumped and churned as the box forced it's self up.

"Help!" the girl shrieked

Hopeless, she pounded on the sides of the metal trap.


The box stopped

"HEY!" She yelled "GET ME OUT OF THIS THING!" The girl pounded her fist's on the top of the crate

A ray of light, shone through the opening of the box.

That awful, blistering, light.

It had been long since she had seen light,

She felt like she had lived in darkness for the past year.

The box doors had opened.

"What the -"

"IS SHE HOT!?!?!" a voice yelled

"I GOT DIBS!" Another voice yelled

A Tall boy with Green-ish eyes and Dirty blonde hair matted with sweat and dirt jumped in after her, he smiled at her. "Day one Greenie, Rise and Shine." The boy lifted her by the waist and threw her on the ground.

A boy wore a leather apron; it seemed as if he must have lived in a kitchen.

A taller, skinnier boy with dirty blonde hair that fell over his face

"Welcome Greenie." the boy said in an English accent.

She coughed up blood. Her hands started to shake

The girl stood up and looked around

"Boys," She thought "Boys, everywhere."

Her heartbeat got faster, faster,and faster.

She broke out into a full run

"Catch her!" A tall boy with short blonde hair yelled

"Ma'am stop!" another English boy yelled,

This one had short brown hair and brown eyes.

She looked back and saw all of the boys charging at her,

A taller Asian boy with Black hair yelled out

"I think we got a Runner!"

Her feet crept up from under neath her and she fell.

She hit the ground, her face pounded into cold wet dirt; it felt refreshing against her blistering checks.

"Carry her!" The tall Blonde haired boy order.

"Come on! Help me ya Klunk bags!"

The boys lifted her.

"What did ya to that for Shank?" The tall boy asked

"Gally, let her be." the English boy growled

Gally grabbed her face and squished her cheeks in

"Cat got your tongue?"

The Girl coughed blood up on him.

"EW!" Gally sputtered.

Gally threw Her on the ground.

"Newt, just come on." gally said

"Go away." Newt shoved Gally away

"Minho! Hurry up! You’re supposed to be a runner, ain't ya?" Newt asked

"I'm sorry." She said in a murmur.

"You scared me."

"Ne'er said I was determined." Minho replied ruining up

Minho and Newt hoisted the girl up and carried her off into the Homestead.

Chapter 2

Inside it was nice and cool, it smelt of feet.

The Girl was knocked out,

Thomas sat with Zart in the field pulling weeds.

"I wonder what this girl will be like." Thomas said

"I dunno." Zart said

Thomas heard yelling, Chuck ran over to him smiling.

"Girls Rock!" he yelled

Over at the look out tree, Newt and the other Gladers tried covering their heads.

"Leave me alone!" The Girl yelled from the top.

"Listen Girly," Gally said

"My name isn't girly!" The Girl yelled.

"I remember my Name,"

"It's Aria."

"That's wonderful." Gally said

"I'm Gally."

Aria threw tomatoes and fruits at the boys.

"I don't think she likes us very much." Newt said

Aria launched some more fruit at them


He covered his head with a Basket.

Aria stood up and looked over the edge with the boys starting at her.

"Come down!" Newt yelled.

"We won't hurt you."

"GO AWAY!" Aria yelled.

She threw a Potato at Gally and Hit him in the head.

"HEY!" Gally yelled alarmed

He picked the Potato up and inspected it.


"Is this what all girls are like?" Fry asked

"Come down!" Newt yelled.

"I promise, if they harm you I'll slit their gizzards."

Aria trusted the boy, so she did as she was asked. and stepped down.

Aria stepped in front of Newt and Gally.

"I'm Newt; When Alby's not around, I run this place."

"Don't listen to that Skinny Shuck-face I run this place." Gally said

"Girly, you can Call me Captain Gally."

"Who in this Bloody place named you king?"

Newt stood up to Gally

"God forbid you run this Klunk of a community." Gally snorted

"Oh, you’re so hysterical." Newt complained.

Aria stood up and looked around

Newt and Gally argued like an old couple, While Minho, Thomas, and Peter stared at Aria.

Aria pulled out a knife

"Sweetheart, put the knife down." Newt said

Newt put his hands out and slowly approached Aria.

Gally walked over to Aria and grabbed the knife he threw it at the ground

Aria shoved Gally and ran.

"Why's Gally going after Aria?" Chuck tried to say,

He sounded choked up and fearful.

"I don't know," Alby sighed

Alby started running

"Wait!" Frypan yelled

"Let's go Chuckles." Frypan ordered

"You think you can shove me Shank!!?!" Gally yelled

Aria walked back slowly; she tripped on a rock and fell back.

Gally picked Aria up and shoved her into a wall

"Gally!" Alby yelled

"What on the earth do you think you're doing!?!?" Alby fussed

The Gladers gathered around.

"You never hit a girl." One boy whispered to another.

"Gally never went after her." Thomas stated

"She ran away and shoved him."

"She needs to eat what i whipped up!" Frypan said with a gleeful tone

Chapter 3

It was the afternoon; at that point the sun was setting.

Aria sat behind a log as Gally and another boy fought in a ring, the boys cheers echoed throughout the Glade.

"Whatya munching on Greenie?" a voice asked

Aria turned around

"Hello Newt."

"Salmon." Newt sighed as he whiffed Iris's food.

Aria chuckled

"I don't exactly feel..... Welcomed." Aria stuttered.

Peter jumped out and tree and smiled at Aria

"It takes awhile."

A tall boy with Brown hair, Brown eyes, the wore A grey V-neck muscle shirt with faded skinny jeans.

He stopped looked at Iris and smiled,

"So this is the green bean?"The boy asked while smiling

"Her names Aria." Newt stated

"I'm Marcus."

"What's the giant stonewall?"

A tall Concrete stone wall covered in Ivy stood tall, over shadowing the Glade.

"The Maze." Thomas said coming up from behind of Aria and Newt.

"What's the Maze?" Iris asked wonderingly.

"The Bloody Ruth of all of our damned existence." Newt growled.

"What ever goes in," Marcus started to say

"Never comes out." Minho chimed in

A loud rumble suddenly shook the Glade

Aria's eyes widened she grabbed on to Newt and Thomas's arms.

"What is that?' She gulped

"The Maze, every night it changes, the maze never takes the same form twice." Marcus lectured.

Out in a distance Iris and the other Gladers heard Whooping,

It was Gally as he proclaimed his Victory.

"Hey Greenie!" Gally called out

"You wanna fight?"

Gally cracked his knuckles.

"So, I fight until you get kicked out the circle, and you try to last longer than 5 minutes."

"You're on." Aria taunted

Aria walked into the ring

Aria stood in a stance as she clenched her fist tightly.

Gally charged at her,

Aria ducked

She kicked Gally in the back causing him to fall.

"You’re on Green bean." Gally murmured

Gally got up; he charged at Aria and lifted her by her waist

He threw he on the ground and sat on her,

"Maybe better luck next time," Gally snorted

"I win."

Gally smiled

Aria jumped up and punched Gally,

Gally stumbled back causing him to fall,

He got backup and charged at Aria he knocked her on the ground.

"OHHH!!" The boys cheered

"C'mon Shank," Gally shook his wrists loosing them up.

Aria got up and pushed Gally.

"Don't count me out just because I'm a girl."

"I can take a fight."

Gally pushed her back, she fell into 3 of the boys who pushed her back in.

Aria charged at Gally she knocked him over and sat on him.

"That Greenie got moves." A Glader Jeff sighed

she held his fists down.

Gally used all of his might and rolled over, suddenly Aria was the one pinned on the ground.

"I win Girly."

Gally stood up and Flexed.

"NEWT!" Alby yelled

"Aye cap'n!" Newt yelled back from a distance

"Take Aria to your room, she get's top bunk." Alby instructed.

"Got it!" Newt called back

"Come on Greenie bean."

Aria followed Newt, they walked pass the Gladers raging Bone fire,

The Sparks and Ashes whizzed through the air like dancing fairies.

Laughing and Cheering.

The Glader never could imagine such beauty, since their memories have been stolen,

Their Precious memories. The ones that make them such wonderful people they have become.

When they see a fire, they see a source to help them live another day,

When Aria saw the fire, she saw Hope burn in that fury heat.

"Where are we going?" Aria asked

"Back to where you and I will sleep, there's a bunk bed in their as well, I get bottom, and you get top, Thanks to Alby, At least you'll be protected from the Beetle Blades." Newt preached

"Beetle what's?"

"Beetle Blade's ghastly things if you ask me, don't you worry Shank, you'll be fine..."

Aria let out a sigh as if a big heavy block had been lifted of her chest.

"I think...” Newt teased

Aria playfully shoved newt

Newt walked faster and lead the way for Aria

As he walked she studied the way he walked.

He limped a little.

"Newt...." Iris stuttered

"You have a -"

"A limp,"

"Yeah I know."

"Why is that?" Aria asked

"I tried to kill myself, In the Maze."

"I climbed halfway up those bloody walls and jumped right off,"

"I hated this Place Ari." Newt confessed

Aria was speechless

Newt just lead her into where they would sleep.

He grabbed a blanket of the bottom bunk and laid it on the top.

"You can have that."

Aria climbed on the top bunk.

She unbuttoned her Blue denim shirt and took it off

"Oh lovely, you took your shirt off...." newt grumbled

"I have a black tank top on underneath."

"I know." Newt chuckled

Newt lay down on his bunk,

A small candle burned,

It lit part the room,

"Get some sleep Green bean." Newt murmured

Newt rolled over to the back part of his bunk.

Aria sat up trying to take in her day.

"So, this is my life." She said quietly.

Newt stood up and climbed on her bunk.

"This is what you call a life?" he growled

"All of us have been here for a long time! We have no life! The Maze and those Bloody life ruiners had to take it all away! Love, your life is over."

"You're already dead."

Newt jumped off the bunk and blew out the candle

He lay on his bunk and buried his head in his Pillow.

Chapter 4

The next day

Aria was still asleep,

"She needs to get her lazy Arse up." Gally whined

He stood there frowning.

"According to legend," Chuck started to say

"Girl's have to have their beauty sleep or else they'll wake up and look like trolls." Chuck smiled at Gally and Thomas,

"Just wake her up!" Gally yelled

"We never let Teresa sleep that long."

"Gally!" fry pan called out from outside the shack

"It's 4:00 in the morning!"

"The birds are chirping and the sun is singing!" Gally fussed

"You say that all the time...." Frypan sighed

"Be original dude."

Gally picked Aria up

"Hey!" Aria yelled

Her yells were muffled by the blanket that Gally carried her in.

Gally threw her down into a pool of water.

"What the heck?!?" Aria fussed

"You need get up Greenie, you WILL work!" Gally yelled

"GALLY!" Newt called out

"She's with me, she will help me not you. We're working in the fields today." Newt explained

Newt grabbed Aria's arm and dragged her to the field.

"I'm sopping wet..." Aria growled

"You're wearing a black tank top, jeans, and those weird black canvas boots. Best clothes you can get for field work!"

Obviously. Newt was trying to cheer Aria up.

Aria threw her hair up in a pony tail and followed Newt to the fields where Gladers harvest crops for Frypan.

Aria and Newt started passing out fertilizer to the crops.

"Hey chuck! Bring me back some seeds!" Aria chipped

Aria like Chuck,

Chuck was very kind.

"Ok!" Chuck responded

Chuck dumped some seeds in a bucket and put it on a conveyer.

He pulled the ropes as the bucket traveled across the field on a line.

The bucket reached Aria,

She grabbed the bucket and handed it to Newt

Marcus and Minho ran out the maze.

"I want to go in the maze." Aria mumbled

"You have a death wish love," Newt sighed

"I need more fertilizer!" Newt yelled

"Aria, if you want to be helpful, then you'll go get some Fertilizer from the woods."

Newt stood up and handed Aria a bucket for fertilizer.


"You may be a girl, and have shiny hair, flawless skin, and be pretty and all that Klunk, but I can't be babying you like I am, so go get it!"

Aria took the bucket and looked over to the woods,

"I should a worked with Frypan today.."Aria complained.

Aria ran into the woods,

"Frypan could use my help in the Blood house, yet I’m stuck with newt in the Garden." Iris grumbled.

She looked around; the forest was so...... dead. It was near the grave yard.

Aria walked through the timber; she got to an open space where a small stream flowed.

She looked at herself in the water, and could see the trees behind her.

Aria turned around and Ben faced her.

"Ben, what are yo-"

Ben attacked Aria, screaming in her face.

He threw her on the ground. His face was pale with a green poison looking color in his veins.

"Get off of me!" Aria yelled

"HELP!" She screamed

Back in the garden everyone looked around.

"Was that Aria?" Gally asked

"Where is Aria?" Alby asked approaching them.

"In the woods." Newt responded



"We have to find her." Gally ordered.

"Help!" Aria yelled again.

Aria put the bucket over Ben's head and head butted it.

Ben fell over.

Aria tried to run but he grabbed her ankle

"NEWT!" Aria yelled







Aria panicked and yelled for anyone she could.

Aria had a knife in her pocket Frypan gave her,

She pulled it out and stabbed Ben's hand with it.

Aria ran out into the Glade

Ben traced along

Aria ran into Marcus's arms.

"BEN!" Marcus yelled


Newt ran to Ben with a large poll,

Newt swung the poll and hit Ben in the head, causing him to faint.

"He's going through the changing." Newt quavered as Gally walked up to him.

Everyone gathered around.

"Thank you Newt." Aria wept

She stepped over to Newt and gave him a hug,

"No problem Greenie."

That night Ben faced the keepers for attempted murder.

They locked Ben in the Maze, knowing he'd never return.

Aria was traumatized,

She ran to where she slept.

“you don't belong here, you’re going to die, they’re going to Kill you.....I can't do this!" Aria Cried.

Tears that shined like diamonds dripped from her bloodshot eyes.

Newt walked in and found her curdled up on the top bunk, mumbling.

Aria turned her head around. Newt could see all of her tears. Her eyes were so bloodshot it looked as if she just squeezed blood in her eyes.

"I want to go in the maze."Aria blurted out.

She ran out the shack and onto the homestead, Gally and Frypan stood talking.

Aria ran pass Gally and Frypan to the Maze.

"She's going in the Maze!" Newt yelled

He chased after her, Gally started running.

Gally caught up to Aria and threw her on the ground.

"What were you thinking!?!?!" Gally yelled

Aria spit up blood on the ground.

"H-h-h-h-how can you be so scared if you don't even know what's inside?" Aria stuttered.

Gally picked Aria up and threw her over his shoulder.

"You're going to help me build today." He said

"Put me down!" Aria yelled

"When are you going to learn?" Gally asked.

"Learn what?" Aria questioned.

Suddenly the maze doors closed.

"I saved your life."

"Next time, I'll let you leave."

Gally walked away shaking his head.

"Stupid girl." He mumbled

Aria stood up and watched Gally walked away.

Aria was infuriated.

She started bolting out running and jumped on Gally's back and pinned him to the ground.

"You don't even know what lurks in that Maze!" She yelled

Gally threw Aria on the ground.


"Now, Sweetheart...” he started to say

"If you want to live, you must stay in the Glade."

Gally picked Aria up and threw her into a wall,

Aria stumbled and hit her head on the Maze wall.

She fell on the ground, drops of blood fell on her face,

"Get her to the doctor!" She heard Newt yell

Marcus ran to her, and picked her up.

Aria turned her head, and could see Gally,

Standing there,

Completely speechless.

The room went dark,

Chapter 5

Aria's eyes flickered,

The room was very bright, the light was blinding.

She could hear a steady beep.


Aria took a breath and looked out the clear door


She could see a mom, and a dad...

A tall boy stood next to him,

He looked like Aria,

He had the perfectly combed spiked up hair, Light blue, and he wore a red and white denim shirt. With skinny khakis, and black converse.

The boy smiled at Aria.

He opened the door and walked in.

The boy sat next to Iris.

"Hey sis." He said

"Where am i?" She stuttered

"The Hospital." The boy said

Aria looked at a band around her wrist,

"Aria Erudite."

"What's your name?" Aria asked the boy.

"Chase Erudite, I'm your brother."

Chase sighed and smiled at Aria

Chase leaned in and kissed Aria's forehead.

Aria lifted up her arm,

An IV stuck in her arm.

She sat up.

"You're safe now." Chase assured

Aria stared at Chase

She remembers now.

Chase was her Older brother, he was only about 1 or 2 years older than her.

"I'm so sorry i left you, dad, and mom."

Aria hugged Chase tightly.

She started to cry,

They all walked in.

"Hello Aria." Her mom spoke

A woman with a tight bun walked in.

"Hello Miss. Aria Erudite,"

"Who are you?" iris asked

"Ava Paige."

The woman held a clipboard near and dear.

"You survived the Maze," Ava announced

"Where are the Gladers?" Aria asked Ava

Aria wanted to know that her friends where well.

"We kept them all there, including Newt."

"How did you keep them there?!"

Ava took a deep breath and smiled

"We designed the Maze."

"YOU PUT ME THERE!" Aria yelled

Aria tried to attack Ava.


A large crack formed on the ceiling.

"Next you have to face the Scorch Trials, with Aris, Sonya, Harriet and Beth, group B."

"Thomas will be killed."

The building started to shake,

The ceiling loosened.

Suddenly the beam fell


Chapter 6

She jumped up.

Aria was in the Glade still, it was a dream.

She sat up quickly

Taking death breaths.

"What's wrong?" A voice asked

It was Newt he stood behind her.

"NEWT!" she cheered

Aria jumped up and hugged Newt.

"I-i-i-i-i-I thought you were dead." She stuttered.

"I had this awful nightmare,"

"I was in the hospital, with my family, and the lady that created the maze and something about the Scorch trials...." Aria rambled off.

"You wha- , Go get Thomas." Newt instructed.

Clint ran out the room and brought Thomas back,

"That happened to him too." Newt explained

Aria told Newt and Thomas everything, even Gally listened.

"This, I mean. I think that wasn't just a dream." Thomas said

"I had a brother," Aria started to say.

"Apart of me feels like their real, and out there, waiting for me to come home..."

"We're never going to get out here." Gally stated

"Sure we can,"

Thomas tried to lighten up the situation.

"I need to go in that maze," Aria said

Later that night Aria followed Marcus and Minho to the map room.

Chuck saw Aria listening in on Marcus and Minho, he hid behind a tree and ushered Aria to come over to him and back away from the runners center, Aria just shook her head and shushed him.

Inside, Marcus and Minho stood around a table,

"There has to be some way to get out from here, I know that a Griever was squished between the walls,Maybe if we go in tomorrow and pull it out we can find something," Another voice said,

It was Thomas, Aria peeked in,

Chuck watched her,

Aria heard twigs crack from behind her,

"go away Chuck..." She mumbled

A strong hand pushed her against the wall.

She couldn't see the persons face.

She was cornered,

She could call for help,

But it would be useless.

The Person put both hands on the wall behind her and looked at Iris,

The tall dark figure, appeared to have muscular arms,

"What are you doing?" the figure asked

Aria recognized the voice, it was gally.

"You're sneaking around at night, that's against the rules."


"You where what?"

"I was looking for you," Aria stuttered.

"Looking for me for what?" Gally asked

Gally pressed Aria against the wall harder.

"I asked you a question green bean."

Gally looked down at Aria.As she looked up at him.

"I just wanted to....."

The door on the shack flew open and Minho peeked out.

"Seriously Gally?" Minho chuckled

"Leave the poor girl alone."

"It's against the rules to be out pass 9:00 at night and to be sneaking around the Map Room.

Thomas stepped out the shack.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" Gally exclaimed

"The day YOU showed up everything went wrong!" Gally growled

"Go get newt." Gally ordered

A tall boy with curly blonde hair ran out the shack and to where Newt slept.

"What do you want Zart?" Newt mumbled as he stood next to Gally.

"Your little Princess was sneaking around after 9:00 around the Map room," Gally spat

"You see what she is trying to do, right? First she breaks our rules, and then she tries to convince us to abandon them totally. The rules are the only thing that have ever held us together. Why now are we questioning that? If Alby was here, you know he'd agree with me. This shank, needs to be punished."

Newt scratched his head and looked at Aria., debating what to do.

"She will spend the rest of the night in the pit, no food," Newt explained

"Oh, come on, Newt. One night in the Pit? You think that's gonna stop her?!" gally yelled

newt walked away.

"You just did that because you're soft! And you like her!" Gally called out.

"SHE MAY BE THE LAST HOPE WE HAVE! We need to keep her safe!" newt yelled

he clinched his fist's and walked back to the living quarters.

gally dragged Aria to the pit.

He unlocked the door and threw her down there.

"Why do you Hate me?" Aria asked

she held onto the bars on the door.

gally locked the door and looked at her.

"i don't hate you."

"The minute Thomas, Teresa and then you showed up. Everything changed."

"Thomas and you show motivation, see that wall?" Gally asked

he pointed off into a distance.

"Every person in the glade carved their name, and all the ones that are crossed out, well, they died. I lost my family and friends to this place."

Aria watched Gally stare at the wall, and for the first time... she actually saw some one who was caring.

"I don't think i can forgive you." Aria said

"I know,"

Gally sighed and watch Aria in the pit as she sat down and slumped against the wall.

Gally walked away.'

Chapter 7

The Next day

"Hey gally." Aria mumbled at breakfast.

Newt walked up to Aria stretching.

He put his arm around Aria and walked with her to a table and whispered.

"Gally's just so bloody rude, Under my watch, i wont put you in the pit. It's awful down there."

"Thank's Newt." Aria smiled

at the table Aria sat next to Newt and Frypan, Chuck sat across from her. gally sat across from Frypan and Jeff was across from newt.

"Frypan at his finest!" Jeff smirked


Jeff smelled the bacon, and waved his hand to fan the smell in his nose.

"That look's weird," Frypan stated

"keep flirting with that bacon and I'll stick it up your nose." Frypan gagged

He HATED when people played with his food.

"Don't question him Jeff." gally smiled.

"gally's everywhere..." newt sighed

Jeff picked up his bacon and stuck it with syrup to his eyebrows and raised an eyebrow

"I have Bacon brows!"

Frypan smacked Jeff,

causing Jeff's chair to fall over on the floor.

"Animals..." he sighed

Chuck finished his plate and set it on a separate table for dirty dishes.

"So," Newt started to say.

"Today you will go with Me."

"I thought it was my day to get her!" Winston shouted from across the room.

"Being a Slicer wont kill her..."

"So far you worked in the Garden with me, that's a Track-Hoes job." newt explained

"Their Gladers who work in the Gardens - tilling, weeding, planting and harvesting."

"Slicers in the bloodhouse, Builders... build They're good with their hands, but there's not a lot going on upstairs Brinknicks repair. Med-jacks are doctors, and we all know runners." Newt said

"You're yet to work with me." Gally announced

After breakfast Aria followed Minho and Thomas to where the runner equipment was.

"Here's your runner's bag."

Minho Handed Aria a leather old backpack.

It was like the one Minho wore. It went across her chest and had two pockets on the back.

"and you need these."

Thomas handed her old rags to wrap around her hands and wrist's.

Aria slipped it on.

She looked like a runner,

beat worn down ripped skinny jeans. Blue denim shirt the runners pack, and the wraps.

"We use the same wrap's boxer's use when training. But we use them for protection when picking stuff up in the Maze." Minho explained

the day passed by fast as Aria worked with Minho and Thomas she knew she had the chops to be a runner.

At Dinner Aria walked up to the Line, in front was Gally.

"Hey Gally!" Aria chirped, hoping to get a nice reply.

Gally turned around and furrowed his brows

"What Makes you think you can talk to me?"

Gally rolled his eyes and turned around.

"Douche...." Aria mumbled

Gally clenched his fist's.He grabbed his Plate and walked off, he sat behind a log.

Aria followed him, knowing that it would make him upset.

"Hey Gally." Aria smiled

"You're not going away, are you?" Gally asked

"I just want to be your friend!" Aria lashed out.

"Why do you have to be so rude!?!?!"

"I'm not rude! If I were you I'd watch out Little Girl."

"Or what?" Aria growled

"You're going to hurt me?"

"If I wanted to, I would of hurt you a long time ago."

"I could of Killed you if I wanted."

Gally sighed and Gulped.

he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck.

Aria looked at her food and set it down.

Gally hit her hard, she did feel guilty for being mean to him.

She looked up at him.

Gally looked her in the eye,

"We need to stop meeting like this greenie."

Aria leaned in and hugged Gally.

Gally pulled her closer and tried to kiss her. Alarm's went off in Aria's head, so had to escape. Pulling away and Running across the Glade.

Aria took her plate and ran to where Newt and Chuck sat at a table with Marcus.

"Peter's been missing for days." Chuck said.

"Dang Grievers must've got to him." Newt mumbled into his cup.

"Hey Ari." Marcus said

"try this."

Newt opened Aria's mouth and poured some of his drink into her mouth.

Ari spit on the ground,

"What was that!?!" The yelled

newt furrowed his brows and looked into the mug.

"I don't know..."

Aria spit at the ground,

Her eyes where still wide, newt looked at her suspiciously.

"What happened to ya love?" he asked


"Sadly," newt started to say

"Since your a new runner, Minho and Marcus, Thomas, and I need to talk."

"And you have duty with Gally..."

Newt words trialed off.

"I can manage." Aria said

That night aria climbed up to the watch tree.

A few Gladers where still out and about,

Frypan washed dishes

Gally dragged wood over to a dead tree,

that was most likely what they would work on tomorrow.

Aria just sighed and bit her lip.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her back,

"HEY!" Aria yelled she tried to turn around but the person threw her off the tree

Aria grabbed on to some sticks that stuck out the floor, She gritted her teeth and tried to pulled herself up.

"I really don't want to play this card but..."


Aria yelled.

From below Newt looked up.

"I'm Coming!" he yelled

Gally and Frypan looked over, Gally followed Newt.

"Gally pull her up." Newt ordered

gally ran ahead of Newt.

"Give me your hand," he said Aria

Aria's hand slipped Gally still held onto her,

Gally pulled her up with all his might, Newt pitched in, he grabbed Iris's waist and hoisted her on the base of the tree,

Aria let out a big sigh of relief.

Newt saw someone run across the glade.

"He pushed me!" Aria yelled

She ran down the stairs and chased after the boy.

"HEY!" She yelled

Aria grabbed a small knife out of her runners pack and threw it at the boy it stuck him in the arm, he squealed in pain.

Aria pinned the boy on the ground and saw it was Peter,

"He's been stung.." Frypan said

"KILlER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled

Peter looked at Iris he bit at her.

"I-i--i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-I can get better....." he said

"No you can't." Gally said.

Peter bolted up, he grabbed the knife out his arm and stabbed Aria.

Frypan whacked Peter in the head with a fry pan.

Ari pulled the knife out her arm and looked at the blood on her hands.

"I'll take to a med-jacket." Gally said inspecting her arm.

"I'll be waiting at the homestead,"

The Homestead is where the Gladers sleep they all asleep in hammocks.

In a big group.

Gally and Aria walked side by side.

"You're being nice all a sudden..." Aria said looking at Gally

Gally let out a sigh,

he smiled at her and said

"Better than me being a jerk?"

"It's strange, your nice guy."

Gally put his arm around Aria;s waist

"Get your hands off my hips."

"I was hopping you would say that,"

"I've been hopping that you would stand up to some Gladers.You're the only girl here, and many guys here have a things for memory less Chicks." he said

Eventually gally got her to Jeff where he placed a bandage on her arm, he wrapped it as tight as he could.

"I need to listen to your heart to make sure everything is ok," Jeff told Aria

He grabbed an old Stethoscope and whipped it off

"Take your shirt off,"

"Take my what?"

"You heard me."Jeff sighed

Aria looked over at Gally who was messing with his tool belt,

he wore 2 one to hold up his pants and the other to holding his building tools.

Aria slipped off her blue denim shirt and her tank top.

Jeff listened to her breathe

"You're good."

Gally looked up for a second and widened his eyes

she slipped her shirt back on and walked out.

Gally walked up to her and wrapped his arm her shoulders,

"Well... That went well."

"Don't touch me." Aria growled

"What's your problem?" Gally asked

"I'm not an armrest!"

Aria threw Gally's arm off her.

Gally walked away.

"You're a Priss!" He yelled

"Sure!" Aria yelled back at her

"I tried to be Nice but it isn't good enough for ya princess."


Gally threw her on the ground,

He pinned her down.

"Now what are you going to do?"

Aria struggled to get up,

she tried with all her might,

Gally was just too strong,

He sat on her, Aria tried pulling up,

"Why do good girls like bad guys?" He asked

Gally loosened his grip.

Aria laid on the ground.

"Go away"

Gally pulled Aria up, she looked around an ran. tothe Homestead

Newt laid in his hammock.

Next to him was Thomas,

"You ok?" Newt asked with a smile

"Yeah." Aria smiled back

It was a Fake smile

Gally walked into the Homestead and laid in his hammock.... That was next to Aria's.

Gally grabbed Aria's wrist and pulled her to the side.

"I'm sorry I lashed out." he said with a half smile

Chapter 8

Ari laid in her hammock.

"Gally's been nice to ya," Newt smiled

"Yeah," Ari rubbed her hands together


"At least he's being nice to ya shank." Newt smiled

"I need to get some sleep,"

Aria rolled over and pulled the blanket onto her.

Chapter 9

She stood in a dark hallway, she wore a Hospital gown, the blue and white gown went up to her knees, and oddly, her legs where spotless and shaved.

"This is strange," Ari thought

she ascended further down the hallway, a door appeared on her right, So she opened it,

Inside a large glass capsule stood,

A boy.

A Glader,

It was Gally.

Gally was awake, he saw Iris and started yelling in the tube, he hit on the glass walls.

Ari's eyes widened, she didn't now what he would do to her,

Ari ran out the room and walked down the darken hallway to a new room,

Same kind of Glass tube, but in it.

Was Newt.

Aria looked around for something to break the glass with.

A Crowbar sat on a gleaming aluminum table,

Aria grabbed the bar and whacked the glass, it broke and newt fell out,


Aria Grabbed Newt, she picked up and leaned him against the wall. He eventually woke up,

"Are you ok?" Aria asked

She brushed stray pieces of Glass from his face, Aria moved the hair from his face and looked at him,

"Who are you?" He asked

Newt didn't sound normal, he sounded.


and Lost.

"It's me, Ari."

Ari grabbed Newts hand,

small tears spilled form his eyes,

"Where am I?"

Ari took a deep breath, she pulled her bangs behind her ear.

"I don't know,"

Ari knew she had a chilled voice, she knew her voice was cracking and shaky.

Ari stood on her tipy toes and hugged Newt,

"I will be right back," She assured him

Ari walked back to the room where Gally was,

She clenched the crowbar and hit the glass.

Gally fell out,

Ari walked over to the table and grabbed his tool belt,

She looked down at her,

She was in her clothes

her Blue denim shirt, runners back, hand wraps around her wrists, her skinny jeans, and black lace up doc.martens.


She looked up at Gally.

He had his fist clenched.

"Who are you!" He demanded

"My name is ari, I'm your friend, I won't hurt you."

"Who am I?" Gally asked

"Your name is Gally, You're a builder, and we're friends."

"You need to trust me." Ari gulped

"You Helped me,"

Ari showed him her cut from Peter.

"You helped me,"

"We need to find Newt,"

Aria took Gally's hand and walked back into Newts room.

Aria opened up the door, and saw what she feared most,

her eyes widened.

Ava page had Newt in a head lock, she held a gun to his head.

"We need to Make you stronger Aria." She smiled

"Someone you care about will die."

Ava had her finger on the trigger..

"NOOOO!" Aria yelled

Chapter 10

Aria started screaming, she sat up at once

"What's wrong?" A voice asked hugging her.

It was Newt.

It had been a dream

"Newt!" Aria cried

She started crying tears.

Newt hugged her

"What's wrong love?" he asked sweetly

"I had a nightmare, it was awful." She cried

"You-you-you-you were dead."

"They Killed you Newt!" Aria hugged Newt so hard she popped his back,

"I'm here, It's ok."

Newt pet the back of her head, he ran his fingers through her hair.

"I'm okay," Newt kissed the top of her head and smiled.

"I'm here,"

"I'll never leave you."

"Now." Newt said in a more positive voice.

"Let's go get us so grub from Frypan and hope we don't Bloody Choke." He smiled.


Aria climbed out the hammock still shaking.

A few Gladers stared at her.

Aria put her hair up in a pony tail, she walked along with Newt, soon Chuck joined them.

"Hey guys!" He chirped

Newt shot him a cold look.

"What's wrong with the Greenie?" He asked

"She had a traumatizing Nightmare."

Newt kept her under his arm until they got to the kitchen.

Newt got his food and sat behind a log.

Ari sat on a stump and watched everyone.

Thomas came up to her.

"I remember being in the state your in," he said

"Gally's a first class nodcock."

"A Nod what?"

"A Nodcock someone how dose something before thinking, they don't use their brain, or have one." Thomas smiled

Ari giggled.

"Get some food Shuck-face." Thomas pushed Iris into the line.

Ari stood in line, Iris grabbed her plate, she sat on the log next to Newt.

"Try this."

Newt passed Iris a glass of unfamiliar liquid.

"Oh My god! what is that!?!?"

"I don't know..... It's Gally's recipe.A trade secret."

"Speaking of which, you better hurry, You have to help him today.And depending on if I'm feeling Bloody Cheery, I may pull you out for training,but we wouldn't wanna do that to ol' Gal know would we?"

Ari gave Newt a long sigh and answered him

"No we wouldn't...."

ari stood up and walked over to to Frypan.

"Working with Gal today, ain't ya?" He asked

"Yeah." Iari couldn't help but smile,

"Good luck snapping him out of his crazy phase."

Ari pinned her hair up in a pony tail and walked over to Gally, he was setting up a ladder, Gally grunted as sweat dripped from his forehead

"Need any help?" Ari asked looking around


“Shouldn't I give a pep talk or something?"

"Sure, go ahead" Gall grunted as he fixed the ladder

"Try not to squish yourself, last things Chuck wants to do is scrap Gally Glob's of the ground and the walls, and well.... Everything."

Gally turned around unamused

"Save a Chuck save the plant?"Ari joked

Gally murmured

Aria leaned up against a tree.

She looked at her Skinny Green Cargo pants, she slipped her hands into the pockets on her thighs.

"Ok, Now, here's what we're doing," Gally stated

"We're making a new smaller lookout tree, we can always find a way to use these Old dead trees,rather then treat em' like Klunk."

"Ok, get on the Ladder and I need you to set up the base."

Chapter 11

Aria took a death breath.

She climbed on the ladder,

It wasn't sturdy at all. It wobbled,

Aria's foot slipped her she fell back a little.

"I got it."

Gally held the ladder still,


"So," Ari said as she climbed up the ladder

"The Great Gally is afraid of something after all."

"Can't we just let it go?"

ari set up the posts and she stood on the first level.

ari took a deep breath and smiled.

"Jump down!" Gally yelled from below.

"No, I'm going to get squished!" Aria yelled back,

"I'll catch ya shank!"

aria stood on the edge on the base and looked at Gally

he waved his hands for her to jump.

"You got this."

Iris jumped.

"ahh!" she screamed

Gally caught her just in time.

"That was fun wasn't it?" He asked

Aria walked around the tree


"I need to Pre-Drill 4 spots so I can make a V shape between those branches."

Gally pointed up to a Nice and sturdy branch.

"Ok, so i do want to talk to you." Iris told Gally.

"Bout what?"

Gally made his way up the ladder,

and stood on the Base.

"Do you have any memories?"

"Anything at all, even with dreams?"

"I'm not telling you." Gally grunted

"You survived a sting you must remember something."

"Drop it." Gally grunted

Aria frowned

"Every time I try to get closer you shut me out"

"You were stung by a Griever in the middle of the day near the west door."

"Yeah and?"

"What do you want from me?! I saw Thomas in the changing, that's it. I SAW HIM! He's why we're all stuck here! I know it!"

"You have Arrogant nature,"

"Ya know what, I will just drop it." Aria sighed

"Need any help?"

Aria heard a drill from above,

The drill stopped and Gally looked over the edge.

"Come up here, i need those post's."

Gally pointed to 4 posts that sat on the ground.

Aria lifted one up, she handed it to Gally one after the other.

ari climbed up the ladder and sat down.

She watched the Gladers.

"Maybe you should be a Builder,not a runner. I find funny how they throw the Greenie into the Parade." Gally spat

Gally fixed the second level.

Gally and ari sat on the New smaller Watch tree

"we're not done yet."

Gally smirked.


Ari laid on the floor Gally looked at.

Ari followed Gally's eye's.

Ari looked down at herself, her Black V-neck creeped down


"Oh, sorry." Gally said

aria sat up again.

Newt climbed up the Ladder,

"Nice, good job Shanks."

He sat Next to aria

"We're stuck in here, aren't we?"aria asked

"For the moment, but we'll make our way out." Newt smiled

Gally shook his head in disagreement.

"We're stuck in here for good."

"No way out, what so ever,"

"C'mon Gal, be more positive."

"Newt You know that there is no buggin' way out o-"

"Gally, stop." Aria cut him off.

Out of the two of them, Newt was the more upbeat one and Gally seemed to have very little faith that they can survive the Maze.

"I think it was stupid to make her a runner." Gally growled

The way he said Her, as if it was wrong for a girl to be in the Glade, or be a runner.

Maybe he was just looking out for Aria, she didn't really even know.

"So, I'm just a Her?" Iris grew an Icy tone, her words were like ice,

They seemed to hit Gally hard.

Gally gulped,

"You're a Greenie,"

"Freaking Newbies..." Gally sighed

"I've been here for 3 years!" Gally spat

"She's not ready for that."

Gally jumped down and walked away.

Newt sat rubbing his hands together,

"What's wrong?" Aria asked

"Minho and Alby aren't back yet. They should of been out the Maze a long time ago."

"They'll be back soon, trust me."

Newt hopped down too and walked away rubbing his hands together.

ari jumped off and walked away too.

Chapter 12

Everyone stood by the Maze door,

Gally squatted on the ground.

"Why can't we send in a search party?" Thomas asked

"We can't afford to loose anyone else, Tommy." Newt said

"We can't someone just go in there?" ari asked

"It's against the rules, either they make it back or they don't." Gally groaned

He looked up at ari.

"Right not, things aren't looking too good."

"Look!" Chuck yelled

It was Minho and Alby,

Minho grunted and yelled as he carried Alby on his back,

Gally sat up,

"Their not going to make it." Gally said

The Maze doors started to shift, Everyone started Yelling and screaming at Minho. He was trying his hardest to drag Alby back into the Glade. Pretty soon the Maze doors would shut.

Thomas looked around.

He darted in the Maze

"Thomas no!" Chuck yelled

aria ran in after him.

Gally tried grabbing her arm but he was too late.

"ARIA!" She heard Newt, Chuck, and Gally yell.

"Why did you 2 Shanks do that?" Minho asked

Minho laughed

"You two just killed yourselves."

"Why? Ari asked

"You're suppose to be a Runner in training, and yet. you know Nothing."

"Your trainer Newt, he used to be a runner, but we all know what happened to him."

"C'mon, let's leave Alby here and give them Grievers at least one freebie."

That very sentence made Thomas choke

"How can you say that?" aria stood up and yelled

"He's you friend! Alby was your friend!"

"We can hide him in the vines." Thomas suggested

Thomas and Minho ran Alby up in the vines they tied him there.

"The sun will set soon," Minho stated

"We need to Move."

Minho ran,

Thomas and Aria followed,

Chapter 13

Outside the Maze in the Glade everyone panicked

"We're about to loose 4 of our friends." Newt said

His voice was shaky and shot.

He stood biting his nails.

"We need to get ari out of there, and Minho!" Gally yelled

"There's nothing we can do." Marcus said from behind them.

"They're fair game."


"If he would of NEVER EVER Ran into the Maze aria would of NEVER FOLLOWED!" Gally roared

Gally slammed his fist the the wall.

"We have to get Minho, Alby, and Ari back." He groaned

Back inside the maze

ari, Thomas, and Minho seemed to of gotten separated.

ari walked around a Maze wall,

The sun had set,

"MINHO!" ari yelled


Chapter 14

aria was lost,

In the Maze.

"I'm going to die..." The mumbled

She walked around in the dark Shivering.

she leaned against a Wall.

Tears dripped from her face.

Ari heard a creaking sound

It scratched,

Aria looked over.

"GRIEVER!" She screamed

ari ran screaming she tore her way though the Maze.

ari stopped, she reached into her pocket and threw a knife at the Griever.

Some of the Gladers liked to call her "The Girl that Played with Knives."

The knife stuck the Griever in the eye

It growled


ari started running,

Bye that Time the sun was coming up.

The Maze doors started to shift.

ari had a plan

"HEY RUST BUCKET!" She yelled


ari started running through a wall.

She stood at the end of the walls.

The Griever had stopped

ari pulled out a knife and made 3 small cuts on her arm.

"ahhh." Aria whined

Her hands shook as she took her right hand and got blood on her fingers,

She whipped it on the wall.

The Griever smelt the blood and ran after it.

ari stepped back and as soon as the Griever made it's way to the edge of the wall. The doors closed.

Crushing the Griever.

ari dropped to her feet,

Dropping the knife.

tears poured from her face.

She could hear the Maze doors opening,

On the leg of the creature read


"That's the name on their supplies..." ari mumbled

Ari hissed in pain.

Bye that Time Minho, Alby, and Thomas made it out the Maze.

"Where's Aria?" Newt asked anxiously.

"I don't know." Minho grunted hoisting Alby on his back, Alby was clearly stung, and knocked out.

"What happened to him?" Thomas asked.

"Just because a griever looks dead, doesn't mean they are." Minho replied

Unaware of her.

Chapter 15

aria stood between the Maze doors.

Newt saw her and ran to her.

aria was holding her arm, the wraps on her arm where stained with blood.

Newt hugged Iris hard, he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

He looked at her arm,

"What happened to you?" He asked inspecting her arm.

"I cut my self and smeared blood on the wall so the Griever would walk trough this tunnel as it closed.I killed a Griever..." aria sighed looking up

"Killing em' won't help. Tension will rise."

"You could of died." Newt sighed

He reached in his bag and pulled out a bottle and Q-tip and some fabric.

Newt poured the liquid on the Q-tip.

He grabbed Iris's arm and tried cleaning her arm.

"That burns." Iris whined.

Newt wrapped the cloth around her wound.

"YOU!" Gally yelled.

Gally clenched his fists. Charging at Thomas.

"YOU KILLED HER!" Gally yelled

Gally walked up to Thomas, Gally's face was red hot. He cracked his knuckle's

Gally through a Punch at Thomas.

Knocking him on the ground.

Thomas spit out blood,


The 2 boys pulled Gally back.

"LET ME GO!" Gally spat

Aria ran over.

"GALLY! GALLY! GALLY!" Iris yelled

Gally saw aria the 2 boys let him go.

Gally still stood staring at Thomas.

Aria walked in front of Gally.

"Gally, look at me."


IAria grabbed Gally's hand,

She gulped

"Gally, look at me."

"GALLY!" she yelled

Gally looked down.

"I'm ok," Iris smiled

"I'm ok."

Gally just shook his head.

"I would of gone in anyway,"

Aria hugged Gally.

Which looked awkward considering Gally was 6ft3 and Iris was only 5ft4

"I'm ok, Alby and Thomas are ok." Iris reassured

Iris took a deep breath and walked off to the Homestead passing up Marcus.

"Hey what happened to your arm?" he asked

Marcus grabbed her arm,

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yelled

Iris shoved Marcus out of the way.

"What's up with her?" Marcus asked Chuck as he trailed off.

"She's like a Female version of Gally." Chuck snorted

"A Gally in a dress."

Chuck plodded along "carrying" or trying to carry pots and pans.

He dropped at least half of them every 3 feet he walked.

she wrapped herself up in her cot.

She stared out into the Glade, still Furious.

Gally approached her.

"Get away from me!" She yelled

she threw a Pillow at Gally.

he quickly ducked on the ground.

"And i thought I was the mean one."

"Leave me alone.." She growled

ari moved her legs and Gally sat on her cot.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I'm the only girl here, I'm stuck with like 50 guys."

"40 give or take..." Gally murmured

"I love that you guys do look after me, but I don't need everyone waiting on me, and watching over me."

"Well, you're are only one here that we can do that too." Gally said

"I may be a chick, but I can take care of myself."

ari sat up. she fumbled with her arm.

"What happened?" Gally asked

"I cut escape a Griever. Newt wrapped it and cleaned it." Iris explained.

ari let out a long sigh. She got up and walked with Gally to the Food shack.

"I need to meet Minho in the Map room." She told Gally.

Aria ran ahead.

"Hey Zart the Fart!" Aria waved at Zart as he dug up a weed.

ari made her way to the line, she jumped in it

Grabbed her food and left.ari ran up to Newt and Minho and the Map room.

Minho walked inside and through a cloth of the table.

It relieved a Model of the Maze.

Minho leaned on the table and smirked

"Know what this is Shank?" He asked

Newt leaned a against a wall.

"Keepers will be Havin' a meetin' Later today bout what we need to do with You and Thomas." Newt added

"With Captain gally in charged." Newt chuckled

"The Shank's is as crazy as balls." Minho chuckled

Ari raised one eyebrow and looked at Newt.

He smiled and started laughing.

Soon, they were all rolling around on the floor dying of laughter.

Chapter 16

A mighty fist pounded on the door.

"What's going on?" The voice boomed.

Ironically, it was Gally.

Outside Gally was leaning against the door waiting for an answer.

"Captain Gally is outside.." Newt murmured

ari gagged.

She stepped outside the Map room and stood in front of Gally.


"What's so funny?"

Gally folded his arms

"Your eyebrows." Iris snickered.

Gally frowned.

"Let me in." he tried to push pass Iris.

ari blocked him wedging herself between the door and the wall.

"You can't come in." She said her eyes widened.

"Why not?" he asked.

"How bout......"

Aria needed to think quickly.

"We go for a walk! Yeah, let's go!"

Aria grabbed Gally's hand, leading him away from the Map room.

Aria gripped Gally's hand tightly.

They walked pass Marcus.

His mouth flew open and Marcus slowly pointed at Gally.

"HEY!" Marcus yelled.

Gally turned around.

"What?" He asked

"let's go." she said

She grabbed Gally's hand again and jerked him away.

They walked across the Glade, into the woods.

"Ok, ok,." Gally said stopping.

"What are you doing?" Gally asked suspiciously.


"I wanted to talk to you,"

she sat out and log and Gally sat next to her.

"I wanted to ask you, about... the changing and why you hate thomas."

"I'm not talking about that."

Gally tried to walk away but Aria grabbed onto his arm and pulled him back down.

"Please Gally, just talk to me."

"Well...." He started to say.

"I saw things, my memories."

Aria turned around so she faced him, trying to make sure she heard every word.

"I saw Thomas, during that changing, I was in this tube filled with water and i-i-i-I couldn't breath and it was terrifying."

"I heard that you were despised by most of the Gladers due to your arrogant nature."

"I was." Gally murmured

Aria almost felt sorry for Gally.

He smiled at her,

Aria suddenly remembered.

"I had a dream like that!" She blurt out

"You what?"

"I had a dream like that, you were in a tube full of water and so was Newt... and it was a a long dark hallway and I was terrified."

ari blabbered on.

Gally raised on eyebrow,


"I don' trust Thomas because I saw him, I think he helped put us here, and he's some kinda spy."

Gally did sound crazy as he was pretty crazy.

Aria sighed, she sat up and Gally followed.

she and Gally walked out the woods.

As they walked they talked.

"Ya know, this feels like home for me." Aria smirked

She smiled as she looked out into the Glade.

"This isn't home," Gally said

"Can't you try to be positive?" Aria asked Gally.

she shoved Gally over a foot.

"Hey." he chuckled

Everyone saw Gally as a nut job. It was true... he was one.

But they never got to know him. Not like Aria did she saw a side of him that no one ever saw. A side that he must of hide. It was a.... sweeter side.

"Can I ride on your back?" aria asked Gally.

"sure, get on."

Gally squatted down, and aria jumped on his back.

She wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hold on." He said

Gally grasped a tight grip on her legs as he carried her through the thick timber.

From up there.Aria felt as if she could she everything, Then again it was an improvement from what she actually could see.

From the top, she could smell Gally's hair.

It was matted with Sweat and dirt. It smelled like a Christmas tree oddly.

They made their way out the woods.

Everyone stared as Gally walked by.

Winston smiled at them and waved.

Frypan walked pass them and grinned.

"Hows my favorite cooking partner?" he asked


Ari high-fived Frypan

Gally walked pass Marcus.

Marcus scoffed.

He always hated Gally.

"I thought you were talking to Minho and Newt?" Marcus asked with a tone full of Hate. He raised one eyebrow and waited for Aria's response.

"I was, but I had to ask Gally something."

"I see that," Marcus murmured

Newt walked up to them he had a spring in his step.

"Meetin' start's in 2 hours." He announced.

Newt walked away. His limp had gotten better, Aria smiled at Newt as he walked away.

"ahh, your slipping," Gally said

He hoisted her up so she wouldn't slide as much.

"Why are you so kind to me, but mean to ever one else?"

"It's simple,"

"I like you better than i like them."

2 hours passed and everyone met in the Council Hall,

A rugged shack held together by sweat, mud and sticks.

Newt walking around as the keepers got in there places.

"Ok." he said

"You're all wondering why I've gathered you here today!" he announced

"Where here about or Greenies, Tommy and Aria."

"Everyone's been coming to me, either 1 boohooing about them, or begging to take Aria's hand bloody marriage,"


"We need to figure out what we're going to do with them!"

"So, any ideas?" Newt asked

Aria raised her hand.

"You're not allowed to say a bloody word! you too Tommy." Newt ordered

"Well, they need to be punished in some way.... We all know how i feel about this incident -" Gally spat

"Gally, shut your hole, you'll get a chance,"

"Zart that fart you start." Newt said

Zart stood up and looked at the ground.

"Non-runners can't be sprinting in the Maze. it's against the rules... So, i guess 2 days in the slammer."

Zart sat back down.

Gally stood back up.

"I've been trying to say that! Thomas is the reason why we're all here! he put us here!"

"GALLY!" Newt yelled.


Gally sat back down in a rush.

"Glad we got that out the way." Newt smiled

"Frypan, you're on." he said

Frypan stood up.

"They saved Alby's life, that's a big thing to do." He started

"Oh. did they?" Gally questioned.

Newt glared at Gally.

"Shut your Shuck-face up." Newt said to him

Frypan sat down.

"So what's your ruling?"

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