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Nick held my hand, and said with tears streaming down his face, and trembling every time he spoke just a word “Kalen….Never let go….Promise?” I sighed. A single tear went down my face, trickling my cheek. I said trying not to cry “I never kept promises…” Nick’s eyes widened. I let go. Chapter 1, Life Must Continue….

    I woke up from a nap, and I stretched. I looked around my dorm, and stiffly scratching my back. I yawned getting out of bed. As I stood up, I opened my dorm door, and heard an unfamiliar voice say “Ugh….I hate being new…..People always staring at you….I is a person too!” I walked through the door, and saw a black haired boy, with sky blue eyes. Eyes you could get lost in, that enchanted you. 
    He walked through the hall, and I interrupted his mumbling as I said “…You’re new?” he looked at me, and said “Yeah….I feel awkward….If having social anxiety wasn’t enough…” I understood his struggle. I said while cheekily smiling, “Well….I could give you a tour…even though I’ve only been here for a semester…” he smiled. He said grinning and having dimples noticeable “Sure…But you might want to get dressed first...” I looked at my loose tee-shirt and batman shorts.
    I said while going back into my dorm room “Good idea” he smiled as I closed the door. I went to my closet, and picked out a dark red shirt that said “STAHP” and grey leggings. I walked back out, with no shoes. I saw the black haired boy talking to John, and I smiled. I put my hands on my hips and laughed while saying “I thought I was giving you the tour? Never mind, looks like you’re paired with John….” John looked at me and laughed. 
    The black haired boy walked toward me after saying “See you later, bruh” I smiled. When I was facing the boy, I asked for his name, and he said “Nick” I replied while looking at my bare feet “Cool, the name’s Kalentine” Nick asked, “Aren’t you going to get some shoes?” I said with an awkward smile “Nah, I’ll just wear socks” Nick laughed. I walked him through the campus, and the last thing I introduced him to was an abandoned house, next to the dorms.
    Nick said “So what’s this dump?” I replied with raised eyebrows “I don’t know. I never went in there. Since it says “Do Not Enter” Nick nodded. I said “Well….Maybe we could go in there?” Nick replied “Sure! I guess I’m a rebel after all” I laughed and said “Oh please. True rebels are people who refuse to eat their broccoli” Nick and I laughed, after our laughing fit was over, I pushed the door open. It creaked, and opened slowly. 
    We looked around, and we saw a girl with long black hair, a white bloody hoodie, jeans, and white bloody shoes. She was sharpening a knife, until she looked up at us. Her face was white, and I backed away. I heard a yell, and I saw Nick running away screaming “NOPE, NOPE, NOPE” I rolled my eyes, until I looked back in the house. The girl was gone. I walked a bit more into the house, and I saw bloodstains all over the walls.
    I kept walking, and it seemed to be getting darker…and darker….until it was pitch black. I got my phone out, and used the camera flashlight. I saw a clown mask on the wall, and I screamed. I heard footsteps, so I backed away from the wall. I felt and heard breathing, so I turned my head, and I faced my flashlight. I was looking at a face, it had normal skin, and had the “Why the fuck are you in here?” expression. 
    I backed away, and I saw brown hair, a white shirt, and some jeans. The boy said while walking toward me “Why are you in here?” he sounded annoyed. I said while stepping back “Well…I went here because… I like creepypastas…” the boy looked confused. He said while taking out a knife “My name is Cooper…My knife wants to say hello” I put my hand in my pocket so I could throw something at Cooper.
    I felt a sharp, cold, rectangular, thin, object. I jerked it out of my pocket, and threw it at Cooper. He yelled in pain, I cut his arm. Not severely, but he was bleeding. While he was looking at it, cursing, I ran to where the metal shard flew after it slit Cooper’s arm. I found it, flashed my flashlight at it, and it was my razor blade. I picked it up, and put it pack in my pocket. When I stood back up, Cooper, or that random girl wasn’t anywhere to be seen.
    Since I didn’t want to get killed, I started speed-walking toward the front door. Before I did, I noticed on a wall, all these little papers. I started reading the text that was on them, and I started getting creeped out. The papers were either attempted suicide notes, old diary pages, or anything that involved me. It even had a picture of me, and a circle around it, and above the circle it said “Target Victim” I shivered. 
    I ran the hell out, and into the forest that surrounds the garden. The forest was a lot thicker than I pictured, and it seemed to go on forever. I was able to find the garden, and I saw Nick, smelling the flowers. “Ahhhh” he said dreamily, after sniffing a flower. I said “Oh…Hi Nick!” he looked at me, and said “Oh. Hi!” he smiled. He walked toward me, and asked what happened while I was in the house.
    I rubbed my right arm with my left hand while saying quietly “I don’t want to talk about it…” Nick nodded. I said “Well…. Okay seeing you.” He said “You too…” he then looked at his feet. I walked out of the garden, and back into the forest. Walking aimlessly throughout the forest got boring, due to this boredom, I started thinking of ways to cheer me up, or make traveling through the forest more enjoyable. 
     I found a tree, and I looked at it, bottom to top. It looked like I could climb it, so I did. I grabbed a limb, and then another, and then another, and before I knew it, I was at the top of the tree. I started jumping tree to tree, and after the 8th jump, I sat on a branch, relaxing. I saw a tree that was fairly far away. I found this a challenge, so I stood up slightly, and jumped. I got close, but I didn’t make it. I was able to grab a branch, thank god. I started slipping, so I tried climbing more onto the branch. Instead of me slipping, the branch broke entirely. I fell, until I landed in a lake. 
    The lake was deep, so I had to swim to the top. When I made it to the top, I was heavily breathing. I started swimming to the shore, and saw John and some kid were fist fighting. I got onto the grass, and looked closer at the unknown boy. He looked familiar, he looked…like….my brother? I walked over toward the fight, soaking and leaving a trail of water. When I made it to the boys, I yelled “STOP” and, they stopped.
    They both looked at my, and Kyle said “See, John? I just wanted to talk to Kalen!” John said “No way! There is no way in hell you could possibly be her brother!” I face palmed. I told John “He IS my brother you dope…” John said back quietly “Whatever…” and John walked away. I snapped at Kyle “And what do you think YOU’RE doing here?” Kyle explained “Look, I was watching the news….and there is a murderer here! You have to get ou-“I interrupted him “I know” his eyes widened. 
Chapter 2, a Crazed Week
    “Then why are you still here?!” Kyle exclaimed. “Because…..I have weapons, I know how to fight, and I’m quite cunning when it comes to my fight or flight response…That is…if I think…”I said with anger in my voice. Kyle sighed. “You’re in tremendous danger!” Kyle snapped at me. “The only danger I’m afraid of is fear itself……and spiders…” I said back, become quieter with each word. Kyle said with tears in his eyes “Fine! Get killed! I won’t help you!” Kyle then stormed off to his car. I rolled my eyes.
    I checked what time it was, and it was around noon. I thought “The day is half-way over…” I walked around, looking around for something to do. Every time I thought of something, it always let to that damned abandoned house! I said to myself “Ugh….I guess I’ll get cleaned and change clothes…and then go into that house…” I went toward the dorms, and went upstairs. I went to the bathroom, and took a shower.  
    When I was done, I went to get dressed. I picked out a shirt that said “Single and Ready For A Pringle” and just plain shorts. I got black converses, and a flashlight. I went out of the dorms, and right to the house. I said quietly “I shouldn’t be doing this….but then again…YOLO, right? ...God forgive me for saying that awful word/ramble…” I pushed the door open, and it creaked again. I walked through the door slowly, and calmly.
    I turned on my flashlight, and found a light switch. I said “Well that was easy…” and turned the lights on. I got a better view of the house, so I turned off my flashlight. I walked around the house, and saw more pictures, diary pages, things that involve me, etc. This time, I could see a date. It was 10/7/14 after a bit more time; I realized that was when they planned to kill me. But that’s not the worst part. Today’s the 1st. I shivered. I looked around a bit more, and I saw Cooper, again.
    Cooper didn’t have a weapon, and that made me feel a tad better. He said “Ugh. It’s YOU again…” he then sighed. I tried saying something, but I was too scared to say anything. I just pointed at the paper that said “Target Victim 10/7/14” while having a scared face, and jumping up and down. Cooper rolled his eyes, and yelled “Jannneeee!” and the same girl came through the door. I calmed down, stopped pointing and jumping. I said quietly “Jane?” she sighed.
    Cooper said “She now knows we’re going to kill her…” I nodded. Jane said “So?” Jane looked at me and started saying with anger in her voice, with a tad of psycho “If you tell ANYONE, we will kill you right then and there, and kill the witnesses” I said quietly and innocently “Yes ma’am…” Cooper gave me the middle finger while walking out of the room. Jane laughed and pushed me outside. She went to close the door, but before she did, she said “We’re always watching….” And then laughed like a maniac.
    I was sitting in the grass, outside of the creepy house. Nick was walking out of the dorms, until he saw me. He ran toward me, and helped me up. He asked what happened, and why I looked scared. I was about to say something, but I then saw Cooper through the window, with a knife. I yelled “I’M NOT ON TRIAL HERE” and ran off. I looked behind myself, and Nick was chasing me. Since I wasn’t looking forward, I ran into a tree, and blacked out. 
    I woke up, and Nick was staring at me. I got up, and asked what happened; he said “You ran into a tree…” I said quietly and embarrassed “Oh...” Nick grabbed my hand, and got me out of the forest. I tried not blushing when he was holding my hand, since I kinda liked him. I said thanks for walking me out, and I didn’t know any other way to thank him other than kiss him. So, I “thanked” him. When I did, he smiled, and said “No problem” by kissing me back.
    I blushed, and he walked off saying “See ya, I need to go sleep” I waved goodbye. I was going to start walking around, and I saw a boy, so I went to go greet him. I said “Hi!” the boy looked up, with tears in his eyes, and his face was red. He started trembling while speaking “Hey…” I said worriedly “What’s wrong? Do you need a hug?” the boy said trying to get a grip “I’m bullied heavily….you see…I’m gay.” I frowned, but my face looked more mad than sad.
    He started backing away, thinking I’d hurt him for his sexuality. I rolled my eyes, and hugged him. He tensed up, and said “You…You don’t care that I’m gay..?” I let go of him and said, “Of course not! Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of!” He smiled. “Someone understandddsss” he said, dropping his bags.  He said calmly, “My name’s Jack!” I replied “Cool, my name’s Kalentine, but you can call me Kalen.” He picked up his bags, and went to go unpack for his stay at college. 
    A huge group of kids came walking by, and I kept hearing “What’s wrong?” in my head. I yelled “THERE IS A PAIR OF KILLERS IN THAT HOUSE” pointing at the abandoned house. “THEY’RE GOING TO KILL ME!” I yelled, with fear in my voice. Everyone stared at me, and starting talking about what I just said. I heard a gun being cocked, so I ran into the creepy house, and put my hands up. I said while hanging my head in shame “Fine, kill me” Jane and Cooper looked at me.
    Cooper asked “Can I kill her?” Jane replied after sighing, “Fine…I get the next one” Jane walked into another room, and Cooper grabbed his knife out of his pocket. I realized what was happening, and I saw a knife being tossed at me. I jerked my head to the left, dodging it. I said while dodging knives “Wait! I don’t want to die” Cooper said while grabbing his knife from the wall “Too bad, Kalen” he yanked his knife out of the wall, and he came running at me. I kicked the knife out of his hand, and tried thinking of something that I had I could use as a weapon.
     Cooper started cursing, looking for his knife. I found it, and I pointed it at him. “Who has the upper hand now?” I said walking toward him with the knife, aimed at his face. Cooper laughed, and he then pulled another knife out of his pocket. I face palmed, and said “S***, I’m screwed…” Cooper smiled like a psycho, as he walked toward me, as the floor creaked with every step.  I still had the knife in my hand, so I yelled “FOR NARNIAAAAAA!” I ran toward Cooper, and stabbed him.
    He stopped walking, he fell to his knees, and his cheek banged against the floor, a loud creak could be heard. My eyes widened, I gasped, covering my mouth with my hands in utter shock. Did I just kill someone? I checked his pulse, and he was indeed dead. I made his dead body sit up, and I noticed I stabbed him in the heart. I let go of him, stood up, and started crying. I ran out of the house, making one of the front doors fly off. I ran straight to my dorm room, and cried while staring at my blood soaked hands. 
    Someone knocked on my door, but I just said fighting back my tears “Go away!” I heard footsteps, but they got quieter every step. I got a wipe, and wiped the blood off of my hands. I cried harder, until I got a phone call. I got a grip, and answered it. I heard a familiar voice say “So, you thought you could get away with killing Cooper?” I replied “…..No….How did you get this number” the voice said “Stop trying to change the subject…You admit it! YOU SICKO, I mean, KILLING SOMEONE?!” I then realized it was Jane.
    I laughed and said “Says the one who murder’s people for fun.” Jane replied “…S***” I said “Please don’t kill me for being clever” Jane replied “Oh, I’ll kill you alright. Just not because you were being clever.” I said back confused “Then why will you kill me?” Jane sighed and replied “I’ll kill you for stealing my f***ing orange. BECAUSE YOU F***ING KILLED COOPER, YOU S***HEAD!” my eyes were wide, at her yelling and cursing. I said quietly “Jeez, calm down fire pants...” She growled, and hung up.
    I wasn’t sad anymore, until I realized. I’m going to be murdered. I thought of a plan just in case she came into my dorm and killed me. I heard a knock on my door, and I thought it was Jane. I grabbed my dad’s army knife, and said “Come innnn” innocently. Jack walked in, but I thought it was Jane, so I said “Come at m- Oh…Hey Jack…” Jack put his hands up and said “Heyyy Kalen…” I put my knife down, sighed, and said “Ugh. What is it?” Jack asked, calming down “I was just wondering if you wanted to come swimming with Nick, John, Kayla, and I down at the lake” I said “…Sure…Why not?” Jack smiled, and said “Go get dressed! See ya” and I closed my door.
    I looked in my closet for a bathing suit, and I didn’t have anything but a bikini. I sighed and said “Fine” to myself. I put it on, looked in the mirror, and didn’t look half bad. I started smiling in the mirror, but inside, I thought I was fat. I got a towel, a pair of clothes, and went outside to the river. I saw everyone in bathing suits. Thank god I wasn’t the only one with a bikini. Kayla had a bikini, but she looked better than me in it. John totally ignored me; he was only talking to Kayla. Jack was also talking to Kayla and the same with Nick. I sighed, sat down, and put my feet in the water.
    It seemed like I didn’t even exist to them. I even tried saying “I EXIST TOO!” but they wouldn’t listen. They just kept complimenting Kayla, and ignoring me. I sighed, put clothes back on, and went to the school. When I was in the hallways, I could hear some laughter and footsteps. I didn’t even give an f*** anymore. I went to the gym, and started exercising. I was already skinny, just not skinny enough. As I was running on the track, I heard the gym door open. I took a break, and went to see who it was.
    Jack saw me, and said “Why did you leave?” I looked at Jack, and said “Well, I didn’t exist according to you, John, and Nick…the only girl that existed was Kayla…” I started fighting back tears. I sat down on the bleachers, and the cold metal sent shivers down my spine. Jack sat next to me and said “…You know…John and Nick wouldn’t stop talking about you” I got confused and asked “Then why the hell were they ignoring me?”  Jack laughed.
    “Well, before that b**** Kayla came, they kept saying you were funny, beautiful, amazing, and a great friend altogether.” I smiled, and he then said “Nick admitted he had a crush on you” and I kept smiling. I replied with a grin “Well, I feel the same way” Jack gasped. He said “OMG! Say it for a video on instagrammm! Gurrlllll” I laughed and said “Nah” Jack smiled. Jack asked me “Why were you running?” and I replied “I’m fat.” Jack covered his mouth with his hands. “What? No! You’re skinnier than me! And, Kalen, that’s sayin’ somethin’” I sighed and said “Then why did I look hideous in that bikini?” Jack looked at me funny.
    “What bikini?” he asked me, looking in my direction with raised eyebrows. I took off my shirt, and showed my bikini. Jack said “It looks bad” I sighed, putting my shirt back down, and staring at my feet. “I know…” I interrupted. Jack said “It looks bad because orange is not your color” I leaned up a bit, and said “What?” Jack said “I think mint green, blue, and some pastel orange fit you” I smiled. I said “I’m not a fashion-ista.” Jack laughed and said “And boy, it shows” I rolled my eyes jokingly. 
    I was about to say thank you to Jack, but before I could, Nick busted through the door, running from Kayla. Kayla was about to smack Nick, but I jumped in front of Nick, and I got hit directly in the face by a flip-flop. Kayla snickered and said “And I thought your face couldn’t get any worse.” I sighed, and stared at the ground, about to cry. Nick and Jack saw me sad, so they both jumped into a fighting stance and yelled “YOU DON’T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT” and they both kicked Kayla.
    Kayla flew, and hit the wall, she was knocked out cold. I was happy they beat her up, yet I didn’t know what to say or do. So, I just stood up, and walked out of the gym, without saying a word. Jack and Nick looked at each other and starting yelling at each other about who made me sad. The yelling got rather violent, so I started running through the halls. I slowed down near the entrance of the school, so I wouldn’t burst through the door making tons of noise. When I made it to the front door, I stopped entirely, and slowly pushed the door open. 
    I went on the pathway, walking toward the forest. I saw Jane, with a gun in her hand, staring at the garden’s river. I said quietly, walking toward Jane, with the leaves crisply crunching under my feet “Jane? Look, I just…I’m sorry I killed Cooper…Forgive me…?” Jane turned her head, and stared at me in confusion. “I’ll forgive you” Jane said under her breath. I sighed happily “Oh thank god…so you won’t kill me?” I asked, looking at Jane’s dark green eyes. Jane walked over to me while saying “I won’t kill you. Less than one condition” I nodded, and said “Anything you want” Jane laughed.
    Jane threw her gun in the garden’s river, the water splashing unto the ground, refreshing the dead grass. Jane said “You must promise me, you must kill that slut Kayla” I sighed relieved. I said “I hate her too. This should be easy” Jane smirked, “We have a deal” she said, extending her arm to shake hands. I shook her hand, and I said “Deal” Jane took a bloodstained knife out of her pocket and handed it to me. I took it from her hand, and she disappeared into the forest. I went to find Kayla, and I saw her in the river, in a bikini.
    I rolled my eyes, went behind Kayla, and got ready to stab her. I was surprised she didn’t notice me… Anyway, I was about to, but I just sighed. I walked away, and texted Jane. “I can’t do it…I already killed someone…” I got a message back “…F*** you, peasant.” I sighed. I texted her “So you’re going to kill me, right?” Jane replied “Nah, but, you lost my respect for breaking a promise.” I texted her back “Let me guess, you also hate me now?” “Yep” she replied. I turned my phone off, and went to my dorm. When I went into my dorm room, I heard tons of cursing, and glass breaking.
    Some random kid walked into my dorm room, and he had beer bottles in his hands. The beer was spilling slightly, and clearly drunk, the boy said “C’mere sweet cheeks” he then hiccupped. I said in total disgust, “Get away from me, jackass” the drunk man said “My name isn’t jackass…it’s Barry” I sighed. I picked up a textbook that was on my desk next to my bed. I threw it at Barry, and he passed out. I dragged him out of my dorm, and into his. I went to my dorm, picked up the textbook that was on my floor, and put it back on my desk. I looked over at my desk’s drawer, and I saw a camo razor blade. I thought “Maybe once…” I grabbed it, and started cutting.
    Someone knocked on my door, so I put the razor blade away, wiped the blood, and yanked down my sleeve. I said “Come in” calmly, and Nick walked in. I said “…Hey Nick. What’s going on?” he replied while smiling “Well, not much. But…I just had to see you” I got confused, so I asked “Why?” Nick replied “I just love talking to you” and he wouldn’t stop smiling. I asked “Alright, what did you do?” Nick gave me a funny look. “What are you talking about?” he asked me. I replied “Oh, just anytime I hear that, someone did something wrong.” “Oh” Nick said.   Nick walked out of the dorm, and I just sat on my bed.
    I heard Barry call for me, since his dorm is right next to mine. I went outside of my dorm, and I saw Harry AKA one of the most hated person in the entire college. His trench coat was covered in blood, so I stared at it. "What the f*** are you looking at Kalen? You want a shag or something?" Harry said to me, with pure anger in his voice. I backed away, and went back into my dorm. I wasn’t exactly sure what Harry meant by “shag” so I just thought it was a British term. Knowing Harry, it was probably something about sex.

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