The Master of Darkness

Author: Gigglesplash
Rating: Safe
Status: In Progress
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Unknown

Chapter 1

I opened my eyes to a bright blue sky.I was flat on my back on something or other made of wood.My dark hair was in my eyes.Sitting up,I realized I was on the deck of a boat.

It was obviously an old fashioned ship,as it had none of the motors and things,bells and whistles,of modern sea vessels.It had three large,old white sails high above the deck.

Standing,I at first thought I was alone.Standing by the port rail,the sea spray kicked up,the wind blowing my hair.

“Where am I?"I heard someone demand behind me.I jumped,spinning around to see who was there.

I turned into the face a of tan,brown haired boy.His blue eyes were filled with anger,his arms crossed.“Why am I here?"He demanded at me.

I spread my hands and said simply,“I honestly have no clue where I am or why I'm here.I-I'm Riley."

He glarred at me.“Chase."I could tell he still assumed I was the one responsible for apparently setting us adrift in a sailing ship.

Chase sighed and looked at the sails.“Wait,"He said,as if just realizing something.“Who's manning the tiller?"

It was obvious right then he knew a bit about boats.I,on the other hand,just assumed he meant steering the boat and shrugged.

I followed him as he immediately headed toward where apparently the tiller would be.Sure enough,someone was steering the boat,and doing a good job of it.A tiny red-headed girl was guiding the tiller.

“Which one of you brought me here?"She snarled.Alright so I wake up on a boat in the middle of no where and both of the people I have met blame me.

Chase ignored her question and immediately took over the tiller.The girl looked like she was going to protest,but seemed to think better of it.

“I'm Riley,"I said simply.

The red-haired girl rolled her eyes.“I'm Vixen."

“Vixen?"Chase said,looking up from where he was manning the tiller.“What kind of name is that?"

Vixen shot him a dirty look.

I sighed and decided to interupt.“Hey!We need to figure out what we are going to do.We are on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no idea how we got here."

“Yeah..."Chase muttered.

Vixen walked to the main mast and started tying up the ropes.“What are you doing?"Chase asked her.

She ignored him.

The tiny girl scampered up the rigging like a spider.At the top,I realized she was trying to reach the crow's nest.How did they both know  so much about ships and I basically knew nothing?

“Do you see anything?"I yelled up at her.Vixen shook her head.

We truly were in the middle of the ocean.

With a sigh,I looked over the rail.Chase groaned,“What will we do?"

Vixen climbed down from the crow's nest.Without a word,she went belowdecks.

“Does that girl ever say what she's up to?"I asked sarcasticstically as I went to follow her.

Chapter 2

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