The Madness

Author: Bran
Type: Poems
Rating: Explicit
Status: In Progress

I - The Blackest Eternal

Infinite blackness swirls
the flashes of light blind
the jujbe bird takes flight

I wandered alone in the blackness
calls of gods and monsters abounding
the jujbe bird among them
the soul voice of reason

Left right straight back back back
stumbling i fall and right myself
like a gyroscope, spinning on all axes
I have lost all sense of direction
and all sense of self.

'How then shall we feast this night, my breathen'
the jujbe bird cries
They chorus in return.

I stumble upon their meeting my chance,
lead by that infernal map
and they stare gowlishly down at me
'The feast has come!'
the jujbe screetches
the monsters fall on me instantly
the gods watch on in solumn silence.

'C'mon now, he is but skin and bones'
'aye, more'an our bellies 'ave'
I stand in silence, the blackness of the monsters all incompassing
'And full of bones you'd have your bellies?'
'full is full is full'
'fools is fools is fools.'

They argue back and forth,
jujbe, monsters, and gods alike
they have forgotten me in their haste
but they love a good fight
they ready themselves for war.

The blackness swirls,
the flashing lights of gods and monsters at war around me blind,
the jujbe birds talon's wrap around my arms
and I am borne aloft on it's wings.

Delivered am I from death
dumbfounded I lay at great doors
the jujbe bird gone.

Author's Note

This was inspired by my readings of The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot (for uni) and Doom Patrol 2016 #2 (the new series coming from DC Comics' Young Animal imprint). Both are very... odd, as is this poem. Hopefully you enjoyed it (and I'm not the biggest fan of The Waste Land, but I can say Doom Patrol is really good if you wanna give it a go)!

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