This is just something that came to mind and I had to write down. Don't think it will ever be continued, but maybe if I get inspiration again.....

- Lord Isen

The Lone Star and the Fading Dream

Being early in the morning, and within the warmth of the bus looking out at the shadow and rain-patter, it was easy for one to lapse into sleep. Such was it that He was falling when they passed. It was naught but for a moment, yet even in this state his eyesight managed to hold as it happened.

From the peripherals of his vision it shone out like the light in the darkness it was. There, passing by, was a house. It's door opened to the rain and only a glass screen protecting the figure within from the falling waves. Light from a farther room shone out onto the figure, cascading over their shoulders and obscuring their body in shadow.

They sat on the floor, looking down at the ground, unmoving, yet unmistakably still alive. It was a woman. Being at the center of that lone star in the black sky, there was an air of beauty about the image, yet also solemn sadness. One could hardly be found who would not have reached out for that solitary figure in some attempt to comfort them had they stood by-standing. Yet He was not bystanding, and by the time his head whipped around to inquire further, the light had passed.

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