Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15, the author of The Lightning Warrior, here with our first Q&A! A few days ago, I asked readers for questions, and this is the feedback we got! Thanks to fans like you, we got all of 3 fan questions to answer! Fan questions are indicated with a Q, and my answers are indicated with an A.


  • Q: How old are Aaron and Hunter?
  • A: An elemental can live up to ten times as much as a normal human. Currently, it is the year 534 (meaning it's been 534 years since a huge apocalyptic event that severely changed the Earth's appearance, making all the land on Earth one long strip and leading to the need for districts and for a World Road, and radiating some humans so that they could control the power of an element. Some of the first elementals are still alive; in fact, Aaron's late father Henry was one of them). And right now, Aaron is 138 and Hunter is 121.
  • Q: How much is a parlock compared to a US dollar?
  • A: Conversions, eh? Well, there are 250 rias (the fractional unit of the parlock) in one parlock, and the rarely used half-parlock is worth 125 rias. One rias is worth one cent, so one parlock equals $2.50.
  • Q: What was your original inspiration for the series?
  • A: I don't really have a definitive answer for this question, so I'll just answer it like this: I've had this idea for about a year now, and it was originally going to be a graphic novel series, but that couldn't happen because of my sub-par drawing skills. I was getting to where I was watching shonen animes like One Piece, and I always took interest in the elemental characters, like Enel or Marshall D. Teach, and what kinds of abilities those characters could do with their elemental powers. And that's the short version.
    (I always had high hopes that one day this series would become famous. Like maybe getting picked up by a TV network or something. Kind of ironic, isn't it?)

The Lightning Warrior

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