Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15, the author of The Lightning Warrior, here with our sixth Q&A! A few days ago, I asked readers for questions, and this is the feedback we got! Thanks to fans like you, we got all of 2 fan questions to answer! Fan questions are indicated with a Q, and my answers are indicated with an A.


  • Q: How did Red pull off that stunt in Chapter 4 where he was gone when the flames dissipated?
  • A: Red is a master user of colorless fire. Well, WAS, anyway...
  • Q: Who are those three people Storm Mantis kills in Chapter 55?
  • A: They're three people who worked for Archer District Channel 7 News while they were alive. They're all named after people I know in real life on Facebook.

The Lightning Warrior

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