The Legend of Starkyl

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The World


The land of Starkyl is under threat of a mysterious organization bent on world domination, and only a select group of wandering people can stop its tyranny with the help of a 'Starchild', the last of her kind.


Prologue: On the Run

A Sage in Training

A young boy has been on the run from a few soldiers who are pursuing him. Though he did not yet know their purpose, he knew it could only mean one thing: his innate powers. Since his tribe celebrated his 12th birthday, he has since been studying in order to further develop his magic. He has already eliminated many threats that have been brought to his tribe. But an army? What did they want? Why were attacking his village just for his powers? The boy had to run, and fast. He was already running out of breathe, but he knew he was in danger so it didn't really matter.

The Dynamic Thieves

Not too far away, two young men are also on the run. One was brash, arrogant and is often the risk-taker. The other was more easy-going, sometimes clumsy and fancies himself a womanizer. They had recently stolen something of value and are now trying to escape from the soldiers. They had wondered why it must be so. They were hungry and they had to pickpocket in order to buy food; they would only steal from those who they think deserve it, as it had always been their way. But not only did they rely on stealing - they also relied on each other, having been brothers in all but blood since late childhood.

A Lovelorn Bard

There was another young man, also running from the soldiers while carrying his strange-looking lyre as well as a quiver of arrows. He was busy wooing a woman when the soldiers caught him, being chased as if it has been a crime. All he ever wanted was to love someone who would love him in return. He was a bard who spreads stories of romance across the kingdom. This kingdom he had been living in had been a living hell. People would get thrown in the dungeon at every small wrong-doing. He was no exception.

A Mysterious Girl

In the middle of the fields sat a young girl, who has remained unaware of the action that's going on in the distance for sometime. She is serene even for her young age, and has a feeling that sometime soon something would put her through a life-changing event. It was only a matter of time...

A Noble Valkyrie

A female knight was fighting some soldiers off, having been ambushed while on a search for her fiance who went missing just two days prior. When in battle, she fights with sheer ruthlessness and stern eyes. Though fully armored, she could sprint ahead of her pursuers as if she was so light-weight. If her fiance was indeed captured by those soldiers, there would be no doubt they would use him to get to her, too. Determined that shall not happen, her only choice was to make her way through their kingdom and break her beloved out. They were the enemy anyway, so why should it matter if she killed them?

The Twin Mages

Two teenaged mages, both about the same age, are also fighting off the soldiers using nothing but their basic magic. A female mage was well-versed in fire magic while her twin brother specializes in ice. Their spells do not kill the soldiers, only incapacitate them. Nothing more. These soldiers has stolen the mages' town's crystal and the twins are out trying to retrieve and bring it back to their elder. While running, they could see that some other people are running from these soldiers as well, leaving them wondering how these dark-clad armored enemy knights would have their hands full carrying out their Emperor's orders.

A Fighter in Training

This young girl is also on the run, much like those around her. She was training near the fields until some soldiers who arrived accused her of stealing. She tried to insist she wasn't but they didn't listen, so she had no choice but to run. Those soldiers were very oppressive indeed. She wondered where they came from and more importantly, who gave them the orders to persecute the innocent.