The moon was shining bright through the humble Tamer village. The crickets were chirping, the air was breezing nicely, and the ocean smashing against the sand of the beach next to the village. It was quiet, and calm. Nothing could possibly go wrong. A rare sound echoed through the village: a high-pitched shriek that sounded like that of a mouse and a serpent combined. Then, a shadow-like creature in the shape of a serpent with dragon wings flew by, looking at the village with purple crystal-like eyes. The creature hissed as soon as he saw a basket of golden nuggets collected from a harvesting, hard-working family. It flew to the basket, and carefully grabbed it by the handle, without making a sound. Now, as he was flying back to a stone-built hut, he put it on a wooden desk which was next to a door that led to a room. But the creature went to his nest, and slept for the night. But as soon as it slept, a scream was heard. It was of a man. A sorcerer, of Scandinavian origin, that had a love of riches. The creature woke right back up, flew to the sorcerer’s room, and saw him laughing and enjoying his riches. As soon as the sorcerer stopped laughing, he looked at the creature and had a look of confusion.

“Hey, I thought you were sleeping in your nest for the night.” He said, in a deep voice.

But as the creature smiled nervously, the sorcerer just rolled with it and petted the little guy.

“Well, no matter. Thanks for stealing that gold. It sure will make use for upgrading my hut into a castle. But, I’m no king, so something can be worked out.” He said as he was walking to the front door.

As soon as he opened it up, the wind blew on him like a dandelion on a spring morning. His clothes, all looking like a vampire’s cape and knight’s armor, he felt proud. He looked at the serpent-dragon hybrid and said:

“Tomorrow, we have a walk through the village. See what we can find.”

With a mischievous grin, he sent the snake-dragon to his next while he went to his bed back to sleep. The plan was set and strange things were sure to happen, according to them.

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