Warning: 13 and older audiences

The Forest

I walk into the forest in my dream, looking for the archery symbol. I hear the scream of Prim from the deep woods here. 'Katniss!' I hear her screams. I run with my fear tingling inside. I saw her dead body laying on the wet grass. I woke up crying. 'Prim!' I leaped from my dream. Another Hunger Games will come soon. I must prepare for all eternity of Prim. 'Katniss, will you be ok?' Prim asks me. 'Yes. I know I will. Me and Peeta will try to win.' I say in hope.

Cemetery of District 11

I came to that cemetery for Rue and Thresh from the 74th Hunger Games. 'District 11 will have the 2 leaders of life.' I prayed.

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