Series by Silver :)

Rated: Moderate


These are in no particular order. 


Every Hogwarts House has their own abilities. For Slytherin, it is greed and cunning, Griffindor's is bravery, Ravenclaw's is intelligence, and Hufflepuff's is ordinary. 

What happens when the Sorting Hat is wrong? What if their was a brave Slytherin, a cowardly Griffindor, an average Ravenclaw, and a Hufflepuff that was anything but ordinary? 

This is what would happen. 

Slytherin's Courage

Marie has lived her entire life in a mental hospital. Why? Because she has a severe split-personality case. When she gets accepted to Hogwarts she is surprised, excited, and terrified. 

Not all of her is good. One part of her... well, Ariadne isn't mentioned anymore. Marie hopes she's gone for good, but who knows? 

The Sorting Hat does. It knows Ariadne is still inside, dormant, sleeping. For better or worse, Marie is a Slytherin. But the title will not ruin her. Can she overcome her other selves to do what's right, or will she, like so many other Slytherins, crumble?

Gryffindor's Weakness


I would like some suggestions for my other titles. It has to be an oxymoron, like Slytherin's Courage. 

Thank you! :)

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